Sunday, May 19, 2024

Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo! Announces Deal with NBC Sports Group

In efforts to create a new sports website Yahoo! and NBC Sports Group have announced a partnership for sports news publishing.

In a press release, the two said that the deal will combine “Yahoo! Sports’ original reporting expertise, coverage of big events, Rivals’ college content and popular fantasy sports products with NBC Sports Group’s growing digital assets, and significant television promotion and integration.”

Since Marrisa Mayer took over the reins of Yahoo! Group many such partnerships have been announced. In October, she went ahead and sealed a deal with CBS Television for gossip and entertainment content.

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Another interesting thing to note is that NBC parted from Microsoft in July after sharing a relationship of 16 years. When asked about their separate sites Yahoo! and NBC said that they would maintain their individual websites and have collaborated on only premium sports news and events coverage.


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