Marissa Mayer is now in news for the package that she will be drawing as the new CEO of Yahoo. It is believed that her new job has put her in line for a package of almost $100m.

Getting on to her package details, Mayer’s will be getting an annual salary of $1m, can draw up to $2m in terms of annual bonus and last but not the least can hold almost $42m in stock and other awards. While all this is what she will be getting from Yahoo, we cannot forget compensation worth $14 m that she has just got from Google.

Yahoo’s spokeswoman said that Mayer can easily make up to $ 20m a year (inclusive of stock grants), while working with Yahoo.

At present, it is believed that Mayer’s net worth is of almost $300 million.

Marissa Mayer left Google, (where she had worked for 13 years) to step in as the New CEO for Yahoo, last week. She overtook Ross Levinsohn, to become Yahoo’s third CEO in a year.

Yahoo’s selection of Mayer had come as a big surprise to all. Experts in the industry are of the view that Yahoo’s this step is an indication that Yahoo is planning to make big changes in its technology and products, which it had been ignoring in the past.

At the same, the decision of appointment of Mayer has also confused many. In May, Scott Thompson, resigned from his post of chief executive, after serving for six months, following a controversy over his academic credentials. The post was then taken over by Carol Bartz, who was fired in September, because he was not able to prove his worth to the company.

Yahoo’s new CEO took charge of her new job on Tuesday, the day when company announced its financial results; but Mayer did not become a part of the meeting. The meeting was led by Yahoo’s chief financial officer, Tim Morse.

Mayer who holds a Master’s Degree in computer science from Standford University is considered to be no less than celebrity among her peers. She loves to dress up in style and has even appeared a number of times in society pages for hosting parties.

Mayer married real estate investor Zachary Bogue in 2009 and is pregnant with their first child, a boy, who is expected to arrive in October.