Sunday, May 19, 2024

Marissa Amazes For The Millionth Time: Would Return To Work In A Week’s Time Post Giving Birth


Marissa Mayer has yet again silenced critics with her announcement that she would be back in office in a week’s time, post giving birth to her little prince Bogue . The Yahoo CEO—the third one over the past year—has wowed women across the world by setting an example of how even the feminine race can take the lead and change the norms. In fact, right on the day she was declared the chief executive at Yahoo, she announced her pregnancy and has, since then, been grappling criticism and appreciation alike from various groups.

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Yahoo is now gripped by severe losses, thanks to tough tussles over popularity, with Facebook, Google and numerous other social networking start-ups  If Marissa has to re-infuse life into the sinking boat then indeed she has to do a lot—in the literal sense.

Internal sources have led us to believe that certain policies and goals are expected to be put into force, and Marissa has only addressed a close group of employees. For us, we only expect the Yahoo bandwagon to be strong again. Good Luck Marrisa!

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