Mario Kart 8 has come under scanner again thanks to latest patches that the game received recently. Amid concerns such as game crashes and slow booting, the game has got patched up from all bugs and issues.

Mario Kart 8 Receives Patches And Fixes With 4.1 UpdateYou can now get hands on a 4.1 version of Mario Kart 8. More so, the latest update has also removed a recurring problem of files getting deleted due to the game with the new fix.  For gamers, good news comes with arability of the unlocked Mirror mode with this latest update. In fact, you can now play on 200cc level. Therefore, you may forget the woe of not clearing 150 cc till date.

With the latest pace, the game developers have dismissed all perks for participation in 200 cc Grand Prix. With this also comes a hassle free process of
not having to release the speedy mode post patch installation.  Earlier, you could not unlock the Grand Prix mode until all cups at 150cc were completed with gold.

The second DLC pack for the game will add new tracks– eight in total– that includes new course themes and characters of Animal Crossing. The specialty here is that courses will change seasons every time the gamer races.

Few of the latest tracks for Mario Kart 8 are- 

  • 3DS Track Neo Bowser City
  • Cheese Land
  • Ribbon Road
  • Baby Park