Nintendo fans have a reason to rejoice as the company is all set to launch Splatoon’s marketing campaign in competition to Mario Kart 8. Chandra Nair, the marketing manager at Nintendo UK  stated in interview that they are confident about the colorful new shooter.

The reports also indicate that the gaming platform has already started to push Splatoon on the digital billboards. Ads have also appeared in different cinema halls and digital media 

The company is pushing the game in every media channel and is also planning to build skatepark in Corby with Splatoon theme.

The game is set to release in Japan on May 28, 2015 and concerns characters called linkilngs, beings that can transform grom humniods to squids and vice versa.

They can hide or swim with the aid the colored ink spray. It will feature several modes including 4-on-4 multiplayer.