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Manual Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 Root to XXUEMKE Android 4.3: Easy Steps

1391443_235090669989878_814512276_nthose looking to update their Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE 1950 to latest XXUEMKE Android 4.3 her is the way. Firstly your Galaxy S4 can now be rooted to latest firmware manually.  We have detailed the various steps needed in rooting your device. Just before you root your device you should know that it might harm your warranty and you may never be able to claim it once your device is rooted. 

**Disclaimer:  All firmwares and custom ROMs mentioned in this tutorial are not our personal property and belong its respective developers/owners. We will not take any responsibility for the damage or bricking of your device.

It is also advisable to backup your phone data before you root.

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How to root Android 4.3 on Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE (19505) using ODIN: This tutorial is only for the mentioned model and not for Exynos 5 GTA-19500.

Before updating make sure Samsung galaxy S4 LTE 19505 is running on Android 4.3 XXUEMKE Jelly Bean. All your USB drivers of S4 should be in working condition and your phone should at least have 80% battery.   Before updating the phone make sure your phone is not a carrier locked phone and also enable USB debugging mode if are unable to connect your phone to your computer.

Here are the steps how to root Samsung Galaxy S4

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Step 1:  Extract file from CF Auto-Root Android 4.3 package on your laptopStep 2: Download ODIN v1.85 to root Android 4.3 to Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505

Step 3: Now switch off your phone and press volume and home button together. Now press the power button till you the Android robot and an appearance of a triangle. Again press the Power button, now you are in download mode.

Step 4: Connect S4 to your PC in download mode and open ODIN on your PC.

Step 5:  You will know your phones has connected successfully once the ID:COM boxes will become yellow with the COM port number.

Step 6:  Go to Step 1 and look at the files you extracted and it will show you the file you want to install. Select ‘PDA’ and select the file ‘’.

 Step 7: Go to ODIN and check for Auto Reboot and then reset the time

 Step 8: Start Installation in ODIN and you phone will automatically reboot. If it does not reboot then again go to Step 1 and repeat the process.


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