Manny Pacquiao is now setting his things tight for the forthcoming and most expected fight with Timothy Bradley at the Las Vegas MGM Grand Garden, Nevada. Funny enough, Pacquiao, the eight-time world champion in the division is now having concerns about getting engaged too much with this unbeaten American boxer, after knowing that he doesn’t bathe a week before the fight.

On November 24th last year, Manny Pacquiao had celebrated his laudable victory against the U.S. fighter Brandon Rios at the World Boxing Organization (WBO) International in a 12-round welterweight boxing title fight, which was held in Venetian Macao hotel, Macau.

Pacquiao from Philippines had fought against most of the great fighters of the time throughout his Hall of Fame career. He; however, cannot believe about Tim Bradley’s pre-match ritual of not taking shower a week prior to a fight. Says he was utterly shocked to learn this fact during the interview held with Philippines’ top media network, the ABS-CBN News.

On checking out his opinion about Bradley’s no-shower deal, this Saranngani congressman reiterated his statement that it is a highly non-hygienic idea, but not made any further comments about this untoward ritual of Bradley.

Bradley revealed about his secret pre-fight ritual during an interview with ABS-CBN News earlier as “I am not sure why… it is one thing I don’t usually do. The entire week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, I won’t take a shower. Saturday is when I take the first shower.”

Pacquiao will be pocketing about $20 million in the upcoming fight and Bradley too will make around $7 million, excluding their incentives for the Pay-per-View promotions and mechanize sales.