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Malware Alert! Malicious Manifest Masque, Extension Masque and Plugin Masque Can Steal Information From Apple Users

While Apple fans are enjoying melodious tracks with Apple Music, security firm Fire Eye revealed three dangerous malware has targeted Apple iOS operating system. The three malicious programs “Manifest Masque”, “Exension Masque” and “Plugin Masque” not just affect the apps installed in the phone but also allows can give hackers access to user’s personal information for their own benefit, reports Times of India.

 Malicious Manifest Masque, Extension Masque and Plugin Masque can destroy Apple devicesSafety concerns for Apple users

 According to the reports, users who download apps in their Apple devices from sources other than Apple store are prime target of the “Manifest Masque”. While the “Extension Masque” is reported to target the way in which iPads and iPhones protect different apps from malware. The third malware, “Plugin Masque” affects the way in which the Apple devices coordinate with Virtual Private Network or VPN traffic, which can be a great threat to any user.

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 When talking to Business Insider, CTO EMEA of Fire Eye, Greg Day said that the malware detected have the power to tamper and kill  the apps or data stored in the devices. As the malware will offer complete information of user’s personal data like GPS locations, contacts and logs, hackers can use them for their own benefit, if needed. Though this is a great cause of concern for the users, Apple has not yet made any comment regarding this issue. Yet, it has come to the news that versions from 8.1.3 are safe from such threats. 

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