As the confusions and annoyance of the moaning relatives of the travelers as well as the people all across the globe about the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 build up, many of the news makers are also trying to take advantage of the situation by releasing fake news and rumors to exploit its news value. The latest hoax news about the missing Boeing 777 is that the flight’s black box had been found.

 Another YouTube fake  video is posted by Xavier Da Costa, which is making the same claim of black box being found, but when clicked it warns that the material contains some graphic sounds. Another social media fake is the stories about the missing place being found at the Indian Ocean or Bermuda Triangle, where the search teams are finding out objects, which could probably be the left out debris of the missing flight.

 Bound for Beijing, the Flight 370 were having 239 unfortunate passengers on board. On the other hand, Time magazine reported lately and their story is like there is a high possibility of the aircraft never being found; however, there is a small ray of hope as the Chinese troupes have detected a pulse signal at the southern region of Indian Ocean.