The Malaysian missing aircraft story has been perpetuating more layers of mystery. Theories of disappearance, disintegration  are abound. Amid so much, our attention shifts to the mental state of kith and kin of the missing passengers aboard the craft. Recent reports from Dr Abd Halim Mohd Hussain, Director, Malaysia Public Service Department Psychology Management Division says that the families are trying to give in t their fates and are steadily gaining hold of reality.


The government has spared more than 30 caregivers to look after the distressed members besides also proving counseling aid. However, not all this can ever be enough for them to go over their loss so soon.


They are so panicked that questioning about the missing members seems to get repetitive by the day.

The aircraft has been missing for close to three days now. Husaain added that all that he and his team could do was be patient with their trauma and pre[are them mentally for a confirmation of more despair.


He quipped, “We are working on the matter and in fact we have a list of counselors who can communicate in Mandarin to help them whenever needed.”