MI6 and CIA have singled out  the  possibility of terrorists hijacking for the missing  Malaysian MH370 airplane. The authorities have plunged in the mysterious case of the missing jet which got dissipated in air after a few hours of take –off.

The transport minister has also given his nod to the CIA And MI6 involement. The hopes of finding the missing air craft rose after parts of its wreckage were found along the Indian Ocean. Regarded as few of the finest agencies, CIA and the MI6 will be assisting Malaysian authorities in deciphering the location of the plane.

The New Zealand Air Force had found a piece of the wreckage in the Indian Ocean. This news came a few hours after the Australian and Chinese search teams had found debris, which they thought could belong to the missing plane

While there is no confirmation whether the wreckage and parts belong to the plane, authorities have narrowed down the causes to hijacking, terrorism, technical failure, psychological and personal issues.

Currently investigating authorities are assessing all the possibilities and scenarios. They assume that the communication systems of the plane was deliberately disconnected. However, there is no  concrete evidence that supports the motives behind the doing.