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How to Make iPhone Waterproof: Invisible Coating Spray Will Make iPhone Water Resistant

A new video has appeared online that is seeking fund for its project aimed at making your iPhone waterproof with the help of Impervious invisible coating phones, sony phones, nokia phones

Water damage is considered as one of the major causes for smartphone damage and returns these days. Majority of handsets available in the market are not protected against this risk. Meanwhile, several manufacturers are making their high-end smartphones dust- and water-resistance, but Apple is still to introduce such ruggedness to its iPhones.

High-end smartphones are available with a hefty price tag, so the user who is taking the decision wants the smartphone equipped with top-notch features and specifications as well as durable and withstand daily wear and tear.

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Water damage results in huge repair bills, but a new project is now claiming to make your iPhone waterproof by simply applying an invisible spray coating. The iPhone owners did not have any choices as of now, but now a Los Angeles-based company dubbed as Impervious has discovered a new waterproofing spray specifically designed to protect the iPhone.

The company has been quoted saying that “Impervious is an invisible waterproofing spray for the iPhone. It uses specially formulated nano-technology to protect your devices against water damage and scratching. The spray has super-hydrophobic properties which when properly applied to both the internal and external components of your device create microscopic layers that prevent water from coming in contact with the surface of your device.”

The post also clarified that the spray does not damage your iPhone in any way, nor it leaves any residue on the device.

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The upcoming iPhone 6 is expected to be available in a bigger screen size along with a faster and better A8 processor, fingerprint sensor as well as other new and exciting features and improvements. However, the company is still to make any official announcement about the release date and its specifications.

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