If you have been wondering how to get started with audio ebooks on your Apple iPhone or iPad, check out these easy steps. They help your Apple baby to accommodate all kinds of ebook, without the need to install other applications.

How to make iPad or iPhone read books aloud?Adjusting accessibility:

Open Settings and then access

General > Accessibility > Speech

Once you are there, change to Speak Screen by swiping it using your fingers from the top area of the iPhone/iPad screen. This will help Siri read all texts displayed.

Turn auto lock off temporarily

Access Settings > General > Auto-Lock

Ensure that auto-lock is turned to Never mode. Do not forget to turn the Auto-Lock function on again when you are not reading an ebook.

Select a book of your choice

Once you have followed the above steps, make sure you pick a book and open it over iBooks or Kindle. Swipe like described above to start Siri reading. Siri will actually start to read anything visible there as well as flip pages when done.

Now then, do not expect a well-paused and expressive read-out-loud session from Siri. However, the monotone is decent and easy-to-get-used-to once you get into the groove.

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