US-based tech giant Google has recently announced changes in its search ranking What Is Main Ideology Behind Google’s Push For HTTPSalgorithm. In a latest, they will now be considering whether a website has the HTTPS or not. Is this a signal to switch the site to HTTPS or is it just a political jousting without any relation to search?

HTTPS is Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and it is the extension of the popular HTTP that we see on all web addresses. The code helps to transfer web pages across the web. The S in the HTTPS adds a security layer by encrypting the data. Google has been pushing hard for the last several years for improvement in on-site security.

A precursor to this move was seen a few years ago when the company started encrypting search referral terms for logged-in users. Now the company has initiated another step by offering website that use the HTTPS, a boost in rankings.

HTTPS would be much like a modifier. Across the internet, 99% searches will take place without HTTPS even being looked at. However, in the instances when there are two search results with the same parameters, the one with HTTPS is likely to take the lead.

HTTPS will be beneficial for websites that gather and consume personal information such as bank portals, e-commerce websites and even social networks. They should have HTTPS in order to protect consumers’ sensitive information. But when it comes to blogs, news sites and company websites, HTTPS does not come handy.

The switch would involve money, implementation of additional resources and would also slowdown your site. It is recommended that you should only switch to HTTPS only if users are sharing their personal information on the site. It is a sure shot thing that the switching will not affect your rankings at all.