Apple’s WWDC 2014 is set to begin on 2nd June as officially announced a few days ago. No sooner the announcement was made, chatter and rumors started to do the rounds. Several things are expected to happen in the conference.feature_ilife_iwork_hero

However, people are more interested in the announcement of the latest versions of iPhone 6, iPad Mini 3, iPad Air 2, iWatch, Apple TV and other innovations by Apple. Thus, they are speculating about the release date and probable features of the devices lined up for launch.

There are some expectations that would need extremely hi-tech skills to meet but certain others can be easily incorporated in the updated versions. For instance, people are expecting MacBook Air to be updated with Retina display since this is the only laptop from the house of Apple without this feature.

MacBook Pro has most of the features that users might want. However, there is always scope to do better. Holding this thought, people are expecting Apple to announce just a quick low-key update of MacBook Pro. This is not much to ask for sure.

As far as Apple’s phone and tablets are concerned, it is speculated that the announcement of their launch will be made in the Worldwide Developers Conference, 2014. However, if you check the pattern, Apple never spoke about the launch of of iPhone, iPad Mini and iPad Air versions in any earlier WWDC. Apple usually chooses a later date to announce them. This year, the scenario is expected to be different.

This is just the beginning of rumors being churned out. As the time gets closer, more of such gossips would be heard but it is better to wait and watch till Apple speaks out!