News is thatMacbook Pro 2016 To Come With USB Type C Port the MacBook Pro 2016 laptop is all set to see the light of the day and reports on its features have already started surfacing. We do a MacBook Pro 2016 preview based on the features reported so far.

Limited number of ports

It has come to light that the MacBook Pro 2016 will be equipped with two ports only, of which one will be the headphone jack. The other would have a USB Type C port and work as your slot for charging as well as data transfer purposes.

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The MacBook Pro keyboard

We are expecting a redesigned keyboard on the MacBook Pro 2016. The keys will be way bigger than we have seen Apple produce. They would also have a butterfly hinge, which would enhance comfort while typing.

In colors too!

For those in it for the looks, rejoice as we are anticipating the 2016 MacBook Pro to come in gold and a couple of other colors, namely Space Grey and Silver. As for the entrails, the MacBook 2016 is set to pack in a latest iCore version from Intel. With so much on the upcoming MacBook, users could be spoiled for choice.

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Apple has already scored a hit with its Force Touch MacBook 2015 revamped releases but wait until you get hands on the MacBook 2016 due next year. Stay tuned for more news on this front here.