Latest sources quote that the MacBook Pro 2013 with Haswell release date is scheduled for this October. Apple has also initialized training its AppleCare support staff for the upcoming OS X Mavericks release. Within these trainings, the support staff will be taught the operating system’s new features, installation process, and troubleshooting options for a minimum six hours over the next few weeks, reports claim.

Post an official announcement in June, the new OS X Mavericks will be officially unveiled in October side-by-side the announcement of the new MacBook Pro model(s).

Another fact, pointing to the October release states that since Apple already released its refreshed iMacs and MacBook Air lines, eventually, the same process awaits their latest prodigy. The former devices also act as a preetext on the possible specs and features of MacBook Pro 2013.


Since apple’s supply chain is ready to deliver the components needed for MacBook Pro 2013, consumers can expect (rumored) new designs, specs and features via various mediums online.

Various (strategized) deals and discounts on old MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models were announced week. Amazon offers a Laptop Quick Sale offering a decent $50 to $250 discount on different Apple ultrabooks and notebooks.

Presumably, MacBook Pro 2013 will receive the new  Haswell processor, leading to a better andlonger battery life & faster wifi and storage options.

Even though MacBook Pro 2013 iPad 5, iPad Mini 2 are rumored to release around the 15th of October, there is still no official word on the details & specs of the MacBook Pro 2013.