Here we go again. Brand new rumors state that Apple will now publicly release the MacBook Mini along with its Flagship MacBook Pro. Just a day before the release date, 22nd October shall now see two big releases instead of one.

It’s being said that new displays are also going to accompany these much-awaited models. There is also a possibility that the MacBook Mini might just move to utilize the likes of the Intel Haswell along with the Retina MacBook Pro.

A question has been lingering in the minds of various apple loyalists. Will there be a non-retina MacBook Pro? Will another Haswell MacBook Pro model enter the market to satiate the needs of lower-end byers? All this considering the persistence of the MacBook Air (also rumored to go cheaper).

This event shall also see the lift-off phase for the iPad Mini with the Retina Display alongside the iPad 5. Apple is till date flaunting its Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) as a breakthrough in security (let’s not forget iOS 7); a brand new camera and new color options for the iPad lineup. 

With the release date here, let’s see what Apple offers us next.