Be it the MacBook  Pro or the MacBook Air, Apple surely has impressed buyers critics alike. The MacBook Air is exceptionally capable, fast and lightweight. The MacBook Air also impresses with its stunning design and futuristic specs.

Latest 2013 MacBook Air Release and Features

The latest Apple MacBook Air 2013 is powered by Intel’s Haswell processor. The Haswell processor delivers astounding battery life and allows you to work all day long. Not just the MacBook Air 2013, even the MacBook Pro and even Sony Vaio Pro 13 also feature the Haswell processor from Intel. Indeed, all these laptops have in common the Haswell processor, the latest of Intel chips.


These processor chips are truly advanced and consume much less power as compared to the previous generations. Apart from being energy efficient, these Haswell processor chips also boost the battery life of the device by a staggering 50 percent. The battery boost is particularly of great help when you are watching a high definition video.

Some other improvements that the Haswell processor brings include enhanced Web Surfing, word processing as well as many other computing tasks.

What these laptops have in common are microprocessors that belong to a new family of Intel chips called Haswell. The chips consume less power than previous generations and promise a 50 per cent boost in battery life for watching video. The improvements extend to word processing, Web surfing and other computing tasks as well. What this means is that even if you unplug the laptop in morning, it can still last the whole day without charging.