Apple’s most slender Mac is arriving soon. The 12 inch MacBook Air is all set to make MacBook Air with reversible USB port set to arrive soonits debut by mid 2015. The MacBook will be unique in the sense that it will have a thinner design.

Owing to its thinner design, Apple has decided to abandon its traditional USB Port. In its place, Apple would be bringing out a reversible USB Type-C connector.

However, to make this innovation a reality, the use of an adapter is required so as to connect the USB peripherals. The USN Type–C connector that Apple is planning to use in its new MacBook Air will be used to jack into Display Port compatible monitors.

The new MacBook Air in all likelihood would not have a ventilation fan. This innovation is also being done so that the chassis could get slimmer in size.

Retina Display is another key feature which might be incorporated in the new MacBook Air. The speaker is also likely to be placed above the keyboard. In the previous versions of MacBook Air, the speaker was placed on the sides.

Apple is also looking for providing better charging options to its users and is looking beyond the current MagSafe charging solution.