Friday, June 9, 2023

Lush,Verdant Nokia Lumia 920 Deal To Heat Up The Runaway For Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4


Think paying nothing more than pennies to buy Nokia Lumia 920- Nokia has got its groove back with  bold features and design , go ahead with AT &T and bring the coveted Lumia smartphone home for just $19.99. The catch is that you have to bind yourself in a two year contract with AT &T but that is not much ask for when it comes to Lumia 920. To draw out the existing AT &T customers, the company is offering the phone for $69.99 again for a two year contract which is much lesser than current price of $99.99.

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The only issue in getting tied up in a two year deal is that Nokia is planning to bring out Nokia Lumia 1000 EOS on AT &T which would have 41 MP pure view camera. So if that kind of camera is your requirement or rumored specs of Samsung Galaxy S4 has already wooed you than you can wait  or just grab the Lumia  920 deal if you want to be in sync with current smartphone .

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