With the reports of two new Microsoft smartphone models gearing up for launch, rumors are splurging regarding the features of the phones. The company, which was so far without any flagship may get one soon, as the Nokia RM-1106 model, which was spotted in the database of GFXbench is reported to use Phone Continuum, states Neowin.

According to the Microsoft reports, none of the smartphones launched by the company is capable of using Phone Continuum so, Lumia 940 is speculated to sport the unique feature.

 Lumia 940 To Use Phone Continuum- Ready To Be The FlagshipLumia 940 is one of the most anticipated smartphone models of Microsoft and is reported to feature Windows 10 operating system.

Though there is no official confirmation from the manufacturers, the new phone is also reported to feature hexagon CPU with Snapdragon 808 processor. To make it a worthy buy for people in search of high-end models, the smartphone would also feature 20MP rear camera and 5MP front camera. Yet, some other reports indicate the phone to feature 17MP camera. Apart from the smartphone, Microsoft is also reportedly preparing for the launch of the new operating system, Windows 10. Though there is no confirmation on any of the release dates.

However, the  company has updated Neowin that they will not release Windows 10 for PC and mobile at the same time. 

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