After much dilly dallying over the release and specs of the Lumia 940, Microsoft has revealed it will not be using password based security anymore. In what we consider a leaf from Apple’s book, Microsoft will now incorporate the Retina Scanner in its latest Lumia model.Microsoft to come up with its cheapest Lumia Smartphone series- Lumia 435 and Lumia 532

Before you think more, read to know that the scanner will be exclusivie thanks to the software Windows Hello that also aids in security features such as in facial recognition and fingerprint scanning.

In another huge turn of events, the maker has confirmed that they will release the Windows 10 OS first this year and the Lumia 940 will hit the market only after the former.  Given that the wait is going to be long– probably after June this year- we are expecting game changing specs on the upcoming flagship.

Video apps will see a lot of change in the way they work on the Lumia, according to a demo video seen on WPM Power User (WPMPU). We sniffed a folder-based navigation system on the video apps part and also anticipate that the Lumia 940 can save downloaded videos with ease.

Fans can also expect interactive tiles on the Lumia 940 based on an upcoming Windows 10 feature, according to Nokia Power User (NPU). NPU added that the tiles will be more widget like and will pack in loads of functionality too.