Amid numerous renders and leaks of the Lumia 940 from Microsoft, Phone Designer’s concept render has an interesting insight. The concept that this source highlights is the presence of the latest Windows 10 Mobile OS on the upcoming flagship besides the fact that the Lumia 940 appears pretty similar to what we saw on the Lumia 930.

The Inner Specs

As for our experience with the Lumia 930, we did love the 5-incher that and with the LumiaLumia 940 Might Flaunt Lumia 930 Like Specs, Microsoft To Offer 20 MP Camera And USB-C 940 seemingly packing in just 5.2 inches screen size, we do not expect a leap here. However, the latest concept render did reveal that the Lumia 940 will come in a full HD screen sans bezel. This automatically means that the device will have an edge-to-edge screen without bumps here and there.

The Shutter Specs

Rumors have it that the main camera will come for a whooping 20 MP while being topped up with triple LED flashlight. This means that the photographic capacities will be as great as the Lumia 930 offering. Flaunting a USB-C will be a highlight for the Microsoft flagship. This feature has never been available for any flagship from the maker till date.  In case the same makes it to the Lumia 940 XL as well, then the Samsung Note 5 will have biting competition.

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