Lumia 940 and 940 XL are two upcoming models that never seem to go off the rumor radar. Thanks to leaks and benchmark filings galore, the attention on what actually will be seen on the Lumia 940 from Microsoft is the million dollar question.

Lumia 940 Might Come With 1.5 GB RAM And Snapdragon hexa-core processor, Reveals Benchmark FilingA latest model number RM-1106 is being eyed as the upcoming Lumia 940 online, according to GFXBench.

No doubt, the viral benchmark reveals a smartphone with Windows—10 in all probability–  besides a powerful Snapdragon hexa-core processor. Keeping line with rumors of great gaming capacities, the phone is also seen as featuring  Adreno 430 graphics. Therefore, fans can expect great ramp up in terms of 3D graphics performance on the Lumia 940. As for the RAM, we have been letdown with a 1.5 GB variant as opposed to the rumoured 3 GB seen/sniffed earlier.

As for the 32 GB of internal storage rumored earlier, there too is a let down to 27 GB. The benchmark reveals a 20 MP rear snapper laced with 4K video capture capacity besides a 5 MP front snapper for selfies. Oh, let’s not forget the 1080p video capture spec here.  For a 5.2-incher, the resolution of 1920 x 1080 for the screen sits decently well. For now, that is as much as we can reveal. Stay tuned for more Lumia 940 updates here.