Low Price HTC Desire 8 Release Date Could Be In March

As the HTC Desire 8 images have been leaked, there are many rumors around the likely release date. Experts say that this is going to be a premium affordable phone for 2014 because it has good looks and a large screen. However, it will be priced moderately.
HTC launched a range of Desire phones at the end of 2013. The new Desire 8 is therefore going to be a phone worth watching out for in 2014. Some recent leaks of the phone suggest that it will be launched in March in Beijing. However, we could also see the launch a little earlier at the Mobile World Congress.
It will be interesting to see how this phone is going to be priced. Is it going to be a premium phone that will replace its flagship phone HTC One? Or will HTC be trying to make inroads into the medium price phone market?

Mahak Sharma

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