Low-End Standalone VR Headset to Hit the Market in Early 2018: Zuckerberg

Oculus Go
Oculus brings you its low-end standalone VR headset: Oculus Go, which is likely to hit the market early next year. What we can expect? Well this device will cost you around $199, which makes it accessible to large public according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. During the yearly Oculus Connect conference Zuckerberg said the new headset will be a help to achieve the goal of getting one billion people in VR.
The new Oculus Go will require no plugging. It will have new lenses, a screen of 2560×1440 and inbuilt spatial audio, which will require no headphones. When coupled with 3D graphics, the headset can bring a virtual world to life like it really exists. In similarity to the Gear VR, it will also use a controller. In Oculus’s head Hugo Barra’s words, Oculus Go “hands-down the easiest way to get into VR”.
You can enter its oh-so-virtual reality anytime, anywhere. Oculus Go is a portable and wireless VR headset that you can carry along to places. According to official website for Oculus Go, the device got breathable fabrics, straps that adjust any size and lenses that are best-in-class. It works as a personal, portable theater for those who love the idea.

Oculus Go

You can do much more with this wonder piece of VR. You could watch your favorite movies or TV series in a 360 degree view. And when you play video games, it gives you a feel that you are inside the game. Moreover, there are apps giving you a live feel during social interaction. You can enjoy over a thousand VR games, social apps, all in 360 degree experience.
Developers can expect Oculus Go kit by November.
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