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Lobe – A Free App To Create AI Models

With world turning completely digital, and companies cutting down resources, Microsoft has unveiled a free app that will help in designing AI models without having to write any code. This free app by Microsoft will enable users to train machine learning models without having to depend on coding experts.

The Lobe desktop app for Windows and Mac presently only supports image classification, but Microsoft is now planning to expand it to other models and data types in the future. The easy to use Lobe app has everything one needs to convert custom machine learning ideas into a reality. All one needs to do is give examples of what you want it to work on, and the app will then automatically train a custom machine learning model that can be shipped in the user’s app.Lobe automatically trains machine learning models on images you upload. The app is designed to automatically select the right machine learning architecture in accordance with your desired project.

Lobe - A Free App To Create AI Models 1

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The tech giant stated that, in the past, customers were using the Lobe app to create or build apps that identified harmful plants, detected beehive invaders such as wasps, or sent people alerts when they’d accidentally forgot their garage door open. It also provides:

  • Image classification
  • Object detection
  • Data classification

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In case you wish to learn more about the free app, you can click here. You can also view a video tutorial for the app here.

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