LinkedIn is all set to make a remarkable graphical modification on its site. The business-oriented platform for social-networking, which is often criticized for its limited features has now announced some changes in their messaging service. According to the reports, the inbox will not have a look much similar to instant messaging service rather than email.

 LinkedIn revamps messaging and invitation feature to stay ahead in the competitionImprovisations at a glance

LinkedIn Product Management director, Mark Hull said that they have done everything required from the ground so that users can experience a much streamlined and cleaner appearance of the portal.


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In his blog post, Hull even mentioned about adding “chat-style interface” to allow users in accessing messages at ease. The portal, which was earlier criticized for borrowing features from Twitter and Facebook has now got their desktop interface much similar to the popular messaging app, WhatsApp web.

They have even introduced gif images, stickers and emoji characters for allowing users to carry on their conversations at ease. In an attempt to retain its popularity among the users, the portal has also improved their email and push notifications, as these features are quite useful. The portal has also made some changes in the invitations feature. Now, it will appear within the People you may know tab, making it easier to access. The new features are introduced for desktop as well as mobile users so that there is no hassles in connecting.