LinkedIn, the business social networking site was to suffer a demout for an hour on Wednesday. The sudden disruption occurred to its members when the homepage was reinstated by a domain sales page. The outage lasted for nearly an hour at around 6 p.m. PT as stated by DownRightNow.

The site avoided giving details about the same and clarified it as a DNS issue through twitter. It assured its members about sorting the problem soon.

But according to co-founder Bryan Berg, LinkedIn’s DNS was “hijacked,” and that all its traffic was sent to a network hosted by Confluence Networks. He further added that the site does not require any SSL and the long-lived session cookies were sent in plaintext while visiting the same.

The DNS issue popped up merely a year after the LinkedIn’s confirmation about losing some 6.5 million of its members’ passwords and uploaded to a Russian hacker server, giving rise to the need of all the more security to its site. This sticky situation has left LinkedIn with no answers. LinkedIn and Confluence Networks were both contacted by CNET for comments on the recent incident.