In a recent announcement made by Nokia, the company took the initiative to introduce its two new launches to the country, Nokia Lumia 610 and the Lumia 800 The Dark Night Rises. The latter is a limited edition phone. And, if all goes well, this limited edition phone will be available in the market from July 9. However, if you are interested in buying this Batman series phone then make sure that you do it soon, as the company has made it clear that it will only be launching 200 units of the phone.

Nokia Lumia 800 The Dark Night Rises phones are going to be similar to the Lumia 800 series in terms of its looks, body and features. The only difference will be that the limited edition phones will have a laser inscribed Batman logo at the back of the phone.

“A truly global initiative, the Nokia Lumia Dark Knight Rises campaign is an exciting new initiative for our Lumia customers, that will recreate the movie’s unique experience, right on the consumer’s devices”, said Smart Devices, Nokia India director Vipul Mehrotra.

In addition to the logo at the back of the phone, the buyers will get a lot of exclusive stuff, which will be in modes of software additions in the phone and exclusive collectibles. Lumia 800 The Dark Night Rises phone will be loaded with Dark Night Rises app, which will have exclusive trailers, photo galleries, integration with Maps to list which movie theatres are premiering the movie, as well as a game that has been introduced in a tie up with Foursquare.

Furthermore, each buyer will also get exclusive bags, caps and projector pens that will all be marked with DKR branding. Buyers will get a chance to win a movie theatre screening with friends. If you are a true Batman fan and wish to own this limited edition phone, you will have to slash Rs. 24,999 from your pocket.