LG has been creating a lot of buzz as rumours about secret phone project have the wheel spinning. Code named “Wing”,LG Wing is set to take multitasking to a whole different level.  The latest smartphone is said to be a new take on dual-display phones by featuring a secondary display that flips out in a twisting motion.

All about LG Wing Latest Phone

LG Wing Phone

The LG Wing is a “T” shaped dual-screen smartphone with foldables and side-by-side displays as well as a flip-out display – all thanks to the a rotating hinge.

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The first news of the latest LG phone gained momentum when Korean site ETNews  reported an October launch date. The sitehas then released a mockup of the device, which shares starking similarities with the mobile design leaked in the latest LG Wing video. The report stated that the device wears 6.8-inch main display, a 4-inch secondary display with a nearly 1:1 aspect ratio, and a Snapdragon 765G SoC. This means that the latest phone is expected to have the same display and SoC as the LG Velvet.

 Android Authority  was able to get his hands on a 10-second video of LG Wing, and if we go by the leak, then we are amazed with how crazy and brilliant the idea is.

LG Wing Specifications:

  • The top and bottom halves of the LG Wing phone are the same size. This means that the phone will fold up into a normal smartphone shape. 
  • The secondary display is said to be used for split-screen.
  • While the main display shows a map, the secondary display, on the other hand, shows music controls at first and then phone controls when a call is answered.

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This is all we could gather on the latest LG Wing phone.  The company has not released any official statement, so we cannot bet on the authenticity of these leaks. Stay tuned to know if the smartphone will make its way in the Indian market.