Will it be LG Optimus G2, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 or Nexus 5? The million dollar question relates to which one of these would be the first to harness flexible glass technology in their products. The latest craze is all set to rock the industry with innovative concept designs, specs and features.

The latest reports released on Tuesday, May 21, showcased a speculative concept for the Nexus 5 which included some very wild attributes and specs. Though it did not have any mention of the flexible display technology, it did refer to the Gorilla Glass back and front. If Google Inc. wants to come out with a product that tops the features of Nexus 4, then it will undoubtedly go in for the flexible display.

If rumors are to be believed, Google’s LG Optimus G2 will hopefully be the first to adopt flexible glass technology. It has been touting its OLED HD panel at the Society for Information Display conference being held in Vancouver. According to a feature published by Full signal on Wednesday, May 22, things seem to be moving in the correct direction for one of the world’s most famous tech manufacturers.

It remains to be seen whether Galaxy Note 3 would be Numero Uno when it comes to going flexible or will the credit be taken by its rivals LG Optimus G2 or Nexus 5.