The device which is not yet released in the market was seen on the Google Play store by the Android detective. The specs of Nexus 5 were revealed mistakenly on the internet. As per the Daily Star, the images which were seen at the store were taken off shortly once the picture was clicked. The images revealed the new look of the handset and the first time launch of the Android 4.4 Kitkat has been checked.

Look of the Nexus 5

The phone looks more like the Nexus 7 tablets and comes with a rubberised rear part and embedded Google insignia. Android Kit Kat offers the icons a makeover and a new SMS application has been swapped by the Google Hangouts

Price of Nexus 5

The price which was displayed at the Play Store along with the images was $ 349 which makes it a cost effective smartphone amongst its contemporaries. The device will be on sale by the end of the year though Google is lip tight about the release of the device.

The revealed pictures of the Nexus 5 has revealed a lot about the device and lowered the interest of the fanatics who were waiting to see one glimpse of Nexus 5