LG has wowed us with its amazing color options, Slim Arc design and camera capacities on its latest release LG G4. However, some LG G3 loyalists are not in the mood to let go off the predecessor and thought a head to head combat could crown the winner in this sibling rivalry game.LG G3- LG’s Best Kept Secret Rumored to Come with Superior Specifications and Changed UI

Much as we appreciate the spunk of leather back and the slim architecture of the G4 we believe that the G3 was a winner given its floating art build and curves on the corners. The rear had more metallic sheen that caught our eye and this lets G3 score over G4.

With the LG G3, we were baffled by the intense display in the form of  2K  resolution and  pixel density of 538ppi but with the LG G4, we have a breath taker. The QHD 2,560 x 1,220p smartphone is a first in the entire smartphone kingdom and LG pleases us with a brighter and more colorfully intent screen as compared to other IPS displays.

While we are jolly about 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor on the G3, the latest release has got us hooked with more speed thanks to 64-bit class Snapdragon 808 series CPU with Dual-core ARM Cortex A57 and quad-core A53.

As for the RAM G4 comes with 3 GB while G3 has a 2 GB as well as another upgraded 3 GB variant. However, Qualcomm Adreno 418 GPU graphics wins it for the G4.