Friday, June 9, 2023

Let Not The Apple Map App Disappoint You, Here Are The Reasons Why You Would Love iOS 6


iOS 6 indeed grabbed eyes and ears of many of us since the time it was on its way and now that Apple has finally unveiled the upgraded software, the same eyes and ears are complaining about how disappointing the maps apps are and even before we know iOS 6 is being scrutinized all too strictly. Well, before you become judgmental, why not take a look into a triple treat that you can get hands on, only with the iOS 6. These are a trinity of apps that redefines coolness and wow!

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DND and we mean it

No matter what phone setting you have put on late night prank calls and buddies banging your head for not meeting up at 1 am seem to follow you everywhere. No more with the iOS mode—Do not Disturb. What’s great about this mode is that it does not let you ignore calls if they recur all too frequently seems like the iOS6 mode can smell an emergency caller.. For us, DND on iOS 6 is a thinking mode that can be scheduled just as you want it to. And yes, iOS 6 understands what do not disturb means!

Bye Bye to Boring ads

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Who’s bothered if some store is selling their clothes at half price when you have a super important meeting at office? But would your phone know this? The intelligent iOS 6, knows when you do not want ads popping up onscreen during an integral board presentation. The limit advertisement feature lets you control applications from streaming in advertisements that are targeted for your ID.  Does it sound too good to be true? Well, it’s worth a try at least!

Kiddy blunders no more

It happens often that your tot grabs your phone and ends up ringing your boss while intending to play a game.  iOS 6 understands the pain this causes and has launched a guided access feature that lets you lock an application. So, all you can let your kid do, is play games and only the games—no switching over to mischievous deeds with a game as an excuse.

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