Tech world conference in Beijing saw Lenovo introducing its much hyped and anticipated Magic View watch. The distinguishing feature of this watch is that it comes with two screens. Magic View has some resemblance to LG’s smartwatch and Motorola’s 360 but Lenovo’s watch hosts a second screen which can be defined as virtual interactive image of the first screen.

Lenovo introduces smartwatch with second screenThe CEO of the company, Mr. Peter Hortensius stated that most smartwatches do not offer adequately sized screen for viewing pictures. In order to overcome this issue, Lenovo’s smartwatch hosts a second screen which acts like a periscope where users can browse through their personal images and messages.

Lenovo Also said that the first screen is designed in such a way so that it can eliminate the physical restrictions of the primary screen by using a technology known as optical reflection. With the help of this feature, this watch can make the image look 20 times bigger than its actual size. Lenovo also demonstrated this feature by presenting the secondary display of the watch to display larger pictures, photo slideshows and video files. 

Lenovo is also working on Smart Cast concept which will narrow the gap between smartphone and personal computers. Smart Cast will be able to project ant screen on a large object such as table through virtual touch technology.