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Learn how to translate text on a photo on iPhone here!

Most photos come with some text written on them and if you are a person who wants to know how to translate text on a photo on iPhone, we got you covered!

Apple included the translation feature with iOS 14( with Safari Browser translation and a dedicated translation app). Now, with iOS 15, and iPadOS 15, you can take advantage of Apple’s new live text feature and translate other languages as text on your photos.

How to translate text on a photo on iPhone?

1. Using the Photos app

Follow these simple steps to translate text on photos using the Photos app.

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  • Download the Photos app on your iPhone or iPad (running on iOS 15) and select a photo with text in a language you want to translate.
  • Next, click on the ‘text capture icon’ that you can see at the bottom right corner of the picture
How to translate text on a photo on iPhone 1
  • Next, tap a part of the captured text and drag the selection tool to highlight the text you wish to translate.
How to translate text on a photo on iPhone 2
  • Go to the popup menu and click on the rightmost arrow for more options.
  • Locate the Translate option in the popup menu and click on it.

2. Using Live Text

Live Text understands all the information within the photos and online images and allows you to make a call, send an email or look for directions with just a tap. Additionally, you can use Live Text in the Camera app or when using Camera in apps such as Reminders or Notes. All you need to do is point your camera at an image with text and then tap on the Live Text button.

To enable the Live Text for all supported languages;

  • Go to the Settings app
  • Click on General
  • Click on Language & Region and then enable the Live Text

Do note, that you will need an iPhone XS, iPhone XR, or later versions with to use Live Text. Additionally, Live Text is also available on iPad Pro 12.9 inch or later, iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Air or later, iPad 8th generation or later, and iPad mini or later with iPadOS 15.1 or later.

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