The launch of Apple augmented reality glasses (likely to be simply named as Apple Glass) might be closer than we think. Famed tipster, Jon Prosser has even claimed that the long awaited Apple AR glasses would be launched at a price of $499. The price tag roughly translates to a price of around Rs. 37,000- Rs. 38,000 in India.

Apple Glass has long been rumoured to be in the making. Its name and indirect references have repeatedly been spotted in company’s codes and documents, suggesting possible trials.The latest leaks have further claimed that the company’s AR glasses have already passed the prototype testing and are currently in the phase of trial productions.


In the recent weeks, we have been hearing a lot more from the tipsters. However, we haven’t heard anything officially from the company yet.

Price and Launch Date for Apple AR Glasses

Apple AR glasses are expected to come in a range of variants. The starting price for base model is likely to be the aforementioned $499.However, buyers who also require the prescribed lenses will also need to bear the additional cost of their lenses.

But, amidst the fast spinning rumour mills, if there is one thing on which there seems to be no consensus among the tipsters is probably the launch date.


While many claim that Apple Glass will be launched by the end of 2020, others estimate that we may have to wait even until 2022 for launch date of the AR glasses. Furthermore, most people expect that even in case of an earlier launch, it is unlikely to be available for sale any time before 2022.

Expected Features Of The Apple Glass

Surprisingly, all the leaked images so far suggest that the Apple Glass will almost look like an ordinary pair of glasses, besides a few differences. Moreover, glass in the prototype has been reported to be made of plastic. But, we are expecting that the company will use other material for the final product.


It has been assessed that the Apple Glass will largely depend on a connected iPhone for most of its processing. Moreover, the glasses will also include a LiDAR sensor on either temple but there will be no cameras, in light of the users’ privacy concerns. Additionally, the AR glasses will offer wireless charging support. It is also expected to come with a plastic charging stand and the Apple glasses will be placed upside down on the charging stand.

Furthermore, recent links have pointed that the information will be displayed on both lenses. But, it will be visble solely to the user and not to any other viewers in the vicinity. Moreover, it is likely to use the ‘Starboard’ UI. 


Notably, the UI allegedly developed specifically for the Apple Glass canalso be controlled by making gestures either in front of the glasses or on the frame. Furthermore, the two arms of the Apple Glass may also be incorporated with various capabilities will also be swappable with each other.

This is all that we know so far about the Apple AR glasses. But, stay tuned @TechThirsty for all the latest updates on Apple Glass.