There are multiple rumors floating about the successor to Windows Phone 8. It’s being said that the Windows Phone Blue is likely to take mantle from the existing one. However, some sections of the media have reported that instead, Windows Phone 9 will see the light of the day. While there have been leaks of the Blue OS, many tentative dates of the Windows Phone 9 are floating around.

Microsoft has been making continuous efforts to ensure its team working on Windows Mobile focuses more on launching the new edition of Windows Phone OS in the market  so as to give a tough competition to other OS makers and also to satisfy existing Windows Phone users who may be facing some glitches in the existing OS from the tech giant’s mobile OS. A statement made by an associate at Microsoft indicated that Microsoft’s engineers are involved with the PhoneTest Services team of Windows and are testing the new OS currently for the Qualcomm, HTC as well as the Nokia devices.  The test engineer’s LinkenIn profile states that she is working as test engineer in the Microsoft Corporation’s mobile team. One can easily arrive at the conclusion that it is not Windows Blue but Windows Phone 9 which will be launched as the successor for Windows Phone 8 OS.

In the recent times, Microsof

t has been making continuous efforts in mobile domain. Needless to say, Windows Mobile OS is a strong competitor to most other OS makers in the market today. However, Microsoft felt compelled to act in a bid to strengthen its position by bringing in a new series of trends and innovations with its mobile platform OS so as to emerge as a formidable player in the high-growing mobile segment. Thus, it is only likely that the computer giant will be releasing the latest mobile OS version in a few months from now.