Will Samsung unveil the upcoming flagship Galaxy S4 already? We’ve been hearing endless rumors about this beauty and each new day just gets more rumors, making us wonder just how many accidental leaks can take place. The latest in this long line of rumors is some photos supposedly clicked by the Galaxy S4 appearing on Picasa.

We do have reason to believe if there’s any truth in this, given that there’s nothing spectacular about these snaps that show the back of a computer’s CPU. However, according to the EXIF data of these files, the images were clicked by Samsung GT-I9505, which could probably be the international model number of the Galaxy S4.

The 2322X4128 resolution of the photos also points to the use of a 13 MP camera. But, given that EXIF data of an image can be altered, we don’t really know if it could be real. Besides, the quality of the images is really low, so we are hoping that this is just a fake news.