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Latest Twitter Mobile App Seems to Have Failed

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In an initiative to offer better user experience, Twitter just revamped its app for web and mobile. But alas! instead of going better, the app got butchered.

Just as everyone thought Twitter would roll-up its sleeves and offer users a more personal experience, what its updated version presented was feathery and flustered.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo introduced the revamped version on The Today Show Tuesday, only to disappoint users with Twitter for mobile that had no tappable clicks to URLs, hashtags or usernames in the timeline.

When asked to define Twitter’s purpose, Costolo said, “Twitter brings you closer.” And in trying to bring users closer to their favorite tweeting celebrities and personalities, the latest version of Twitter gave new profiles to all users and also remade its mobile apps, keeping pictures in mind.

The latest and upgraded Twitter now gives users a steady and no cluttered look, making way for enhanced user experience on web, iPhone, Android, and iPad. But Twitter users feel that with this new version, their original freedom vanished and a more open system got demolished.

However, there are also some good sides to the new version.

Twitter has entwined the popular culture in its latest update. Tweets add real-time color, commentary, and drama to political conventions, reality television shows, and sporting events. It does offer users a steady experience on the web as well as mobile. The new iPad app it released is just the same as its iPhone and Android app.

The new Twitter gives users a better chance to express with header photos that speak more than words. Also in this new version, photo streams on mobile now appear below a person’s most recent tweets in the iPhone, Android, and iPad apps.

With few positives, Twitter users however, cannot overlook the vulnerabilities.

The direct message (DM) inbox in the new version stays slightly hidden on web and mobile, which has not done well with users.  Also users who have multiple Twitter accounts, will find switching from one account to another a tedious job as it requires a lot of taps.

Latest Twitter for iPad app has also made interaction a knotty process. Twitter has also killed off the remaining pieces of Tweetie, the popular iPhone application it bought more than two years ago.

So what was Twitter’s way to provide an enhanced user experience wasn’t as enhancing after all.

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