Samsung Galaxy S6 Rumored Specs : One-Week Battery Life, Android 6.0, 18 MP Camera

Even though the Samsung Galaxy S6 is rumored not to arrive as yet into the market, it doesn’t really stop futurists from ideating a perceived render that usually is presented to the manufacturer (by the proprietor). This render is usually an in-house rendition of what the final product may look like.

Naming a new model is very much derived from its better speed & processing specifications, but its final look and feel can be transformed taking into considerations in manufacturing success.

A longer battery life to support the high-power processor is something to expect. Sources from Andriod describe this “One Week Long Battery Life through Just a Single Charge” feature as a one-of-a-kind drool-worthy concept. Yes, attractive and unbelievable as it sounds, there are various environment-friendly signs on its energy savings factor & efficiency.

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The Samsung galaxy S6 houses a 4K high frame recording rate – the NextGen portable video. Expectations are also high with forerunners of the handset, carrying a GravityUX powered by the Andriod 6.0 and an 18MP camera.

With a new eco-friendly plastic unibody hyperskin (protective coating), the S6 is to include a 4.5 inch
S-OLED display.

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