Draft Encryption Policy Withdrawn: 10 Reasons

Coming under tremendous public ire, the Indian government has already withdrawn its draft proposal that required users to share all the information they shared over online exchanges. If the proposal had seen the light of the day, it would have radically altered how people use social media, communication services like … Read the rest

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#SkypeDown: Great For Other Voice Chat Apps

After facing hours of outage on Monday, Skype was finally restored for users in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Apart from frustrated users, this problem also led to many new video chatting apps raising their banners.

Video calling apps wrote some extra tweets

Skype downUsers regularly access Skype for personal … Read the rest

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Harry Potter-Style Cloak Coming Soon!

For all those who are under the Harry Potter spell, scientists have confirmed that the invisibility cloak is now a reality. Scientists at the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California, Berkeley have published that they have been successful in creating an ultra-thin invisibility Read the rest

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