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Sony Alpha 7R II Features Mirror-Less Camera And Interchangable Lens

Sony Alpha 7R II with mirror

Sony is all set to give a tough competition to the other camera manufacturers with their new flagship model Alpha 7R II that features mirror-less camera. The full-frame camera with interchangeable lens support also has back-illuminated full-frame Exmor R CMOS sensor boasting 42.4 megapixels resolution. To offer users a great experience, the device also supports 102400 ISO, reports NDTV. Alpha 7R II is the new flagship of the company The full-frame camera also boasts of 5-axis image stabilization function and can shoot 4K videos in different formats. According to the manufacturers, the AF response of this camera is also better than Alpha 7R. The manufacturers also praised the light collection efficiency and the image processing engine of the device. While the photo-clicking features of the camera is expected to attract maximum number of buyers, the device also boasts of up-to-date NFC connectivity options and Wi-Fi features. The connectivity options of [+more]

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Sundar Pichai- Meet The New CEO Of Google

Sundar Pichai to lead Google

Sundar Pichai, 43, has been announced the new CEO of Google on Monday. This Indian man, who was not so popular till now despite his marvelous achievements, hails from Tamil Nadu and is making the country proud with his new position. Pichai received his Bachelor of Technology degree from IIT, Kharagpur and Master of Science degree from Stanford University. He also holds a MBA degree from Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  Google has unveiled a new corporate structure by creating Alphabet, an umbrella company. The same would be run by Larry Page, Chief of Google. “I feel very fortunate to have someone as talented as he is to run the slightly slimmed down Google and this frees up time for me to continue to scale our aspirations,” Page posted in a blog. Pichai has been working with Google since 2004 and Page is really impressed with his progress and commitment [+more]

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Child Pornographic Websites Banned

After receiving much heat for banning 857 pornographic websites, the Indian government has made some changes and has imposed restrictions on the sites, which contain child pornographic content. On Tuesday, the government has asked the internet service providers to trace the sites containing child pornography and block them. Child pornographic ban in India People who support freedom of speech in the country have welcomed the decision of lifting the ban. However, the president of Internet Service Providers Association of India, Rajesh Chharia seems to be dismayed with government’s decision of punishing internet service providers if they find any child pornographic content. When interviewed by the media, he even said that how the government can vest the responsibility of finding child pornographic content on them. Yet, this is an interim decision and they would consider better policies after the hearing of the case. Read More:  India Wants High Quality Porn Instead Of [+more]

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India Wants High Quality Porn Instead Of No Porn At All

India wants high quality porn instead of no porn at all

More than a decade ago, when I covered the porn industry for the first time for NRI magazine India Empire I wrote, In this day of easy sex and dial-a-porn, Indians are beginning to let go of their penchant for equating sex on screen with smut. Liberalization and exposure to the Internet may have got a lot to do with the change in attitudes—on both sides, the middle-class movie goer, and the lumpen vandal—but what has helped in this transformation is the arrival of a new breed of Bollywood actresses and directors.    India Empire, October 2004   Little did I know how far India would come within the next 10 years? Not far ahead, far below. From what I know, the Indian government has a duty to protect the rights and integrity of its citizens. Whenever did they get the freedom to rid people of their rights? Banning porn sites [+more]

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Microsoft To Have Virtual Buttons On Lumia 940, Lumia 940 XL

Project Juggernaut Alpha to be launched as Surface Mobile

Microsoft will release its flagships Lumia 940 and Lumia 940 XL this September in all likelihood. But we are more excited since the handsets will pack in a set of virtual tabs instead of the regular capacitative buttons. While there has been no official line on this front, we are awaiting the media event Microsoft has slated for September to see these phones.  Lumia 940 Specs Going by recent leaks and rumors, Lumia 940 is expected to flaunt a 5.2-inch screen size with a 1,440  x 2,560 OLED display. The handset will be powered by a Snapdragon 808 processor and also house a powerful 3GB RAM. As for onboard storage, we anticipate a memory of 32GB that can be expanded using the microSD card slot. Rumors have it that a 20 MP shutter will find its place at the back with a PureView lens. We expect the Lumia 940 to [+more]

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