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Google Fiber Launches with a Bang in Kansas City


It was just a few days ago when Google publicly released the registration of 1 gigabit fiber network. The company plans to launch Google Fiber on both the Kansas and Missouri sides of Kansas City. What’s good news for Google is that there are already more than 20 percent of the qualified neighborhoods on the Missouri side who have arrived at Google’s thresholds within two days of its opening. This network is new and super-fast. However, things are a bit slow in Kansas City, Kansas, where the median household income is notably lower than on the other side of the city. Here, there are only three neighborhoods that have met Google’s goals. There are still hundreds of people who still have to sign up to bring fiber to their houses. Last week, Google officially launched Google Fiber and set it up as an unusual system as the company still had [+more]

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Mobile Traffic Jammed the Network at Olympic Broadcast

London 2012 men's cycling road race peloton climbing Box Hill

Controversy around the broadcast of 2012 Olympics Games in London does not seem to have come to a close yet. The International Olympic Committee had to request all attendees to avoid sending too many messages and texts. They have put a limit to the output of status updates only to ‘urgent’. Mobile updates by spectators at the Olympics clogged a mobile network that was being used by official TV data suppliers to transmit live telecast. Twitter and the International Olympic Committee (IOC) have both worked hand-in-hand for the endorsement of the microblog service to connect with athletes, competitors and London 2012. The IOC says that the increase in number of users accessing mobile social media at some Olympic venues has interfered with mobile networks on which the games themselves depend. There are many television broadcasters who state that the coverage of Olympic cycling road races lacked official timing data supplied [+more]

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Apple vs. Samsung Patent War: Just Before the Trial Commences


The War of the Titans Monday, July 30 Date of trial of the titans in US $2.53 billion Apple’s total claim in damages 16 claims Levied on Samsung for “slavish” copying of iPhone and iPad designs 10 patents Belonging to Samsung that, the company says, Apple has infringed upon Banned Galaxy Tab 10.1 from sale in Germany and Australia The two tech giants are going to lock horns in a US jury trial today, after over two years of continuous accusations over copying each other’s patented designs and technologies. As the federal court in San Jose, California gears up to host this mega-trial, all of Silicon Valley along with technology enthusiasts the world over await the outcome with bated breath because the trial will have implications across the globe. At, we have been following up on all current updates related to, what can be easily called one of the [+more]

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Official Website for London Olympics 2012 Fails Performance Tests

olympic-2012-offcial, the official website for London Olympics has failed in online tests conducted to check if it will be able to satisfy the needs of users during the games. This has come as a big disappointment and other websites,,,, and are all expected to have high traffic when the event is on. A series of tests were conducted by Compuware to check the compatibility of the websites. The websites were tested on the basis of user experience, browser, content, network, server and 11 other performance related areas wherein the websites failed miserably especially when compared to the performance of Alexa 100, a global web index. was identified as a weak performer in some of the key areas, which included loading a web page, content delivery as per user requirement and many others. What’s worse is that all this will simply put pressure on the [+more]

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Samsung’s New Claim: Apple Phones Deeply Influenced by Former Sony-Style


The patent row between electronic consumer giants Apple and Samsung has brought to fore many revelations. For instance, before entering the Smartphone battle with Apple, Samsung was warned by Google in regards to the similarities of S3 with iphone4S but it conveniently ignored it. Another shocking disclosure which has raised brows is iphone’s resemblance to earlier Sony –Style designs.  The battle of the smartphones is getting bitter and it is hard to say who will emerge as the reported the court discoveries and findings which clearly show the evolution that took place before Apple’s iOS devices came into existence. iPad Prototype Featuring A Kickstand The first thing which has come up amidst the legal battle is an ipad prototype which belongs to the era when nobody even heard of the word ‘Tablet’. As reported by this tablet is actually labeled as an “iPod” product on the back, and [+more]

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As Facebook Stock Sinks, Will It Live Up to the Hype?


Facebook Inc. plunged to a record low in stocks as investors started dumping stock, tumbled by the slowing growth of revenue. As per generally accepted accounting principles, Facebook actually lost $743 million, but reports a number that leaves out employee stock awards, options and related expenses. This news came as a relief to some investors, especially after the plunge in its partner, Zynga’s business yesterday. There are some analysts who believe that Facebook’s stock will be rewarded in the future and should be viewed as tomorrow’s stock. Founded in 2004 by CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook is now going through the transition from computer to mobile as the company is trying to figure out how to earn revenues from mobiles, gadgets and tablets. There are various analysts who believe that Facebook is full of potential and makes a good investment as the social networking site has almost one billion users and [+more]

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Gender Wars: God of War: Ascension to Be Toned Down!


For a game well renowned for its tryst with violence, now some rectifications are recommended by the creators. Is God of War descending at its Ascension? One finds out… The mythical saga of Kratos and his war with the Gods has been an inspiring script in the lore of modern gaming. The God of War series, which relied heavily on the antics of its lead protagonist Kratos is planning to clip the wings of this mythical character. Developers Sony Santa Monica are planning to tone down the game and its exquisite game play to make Kratos less ‘violent’ to the female characters in the game. David Hewitt of Sony Santa Monica had mentioned in an interview with IGN that his team ‘has pulled back’ on Kratos’ ‘violence against women’ and ‘assessed that a little more carefully’. Now, the game would stay course on the story line of revenge, which fuels [+more]

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How to Watch London Olympics 2012 Live on Your Tv, Online or Mobile


As the world is gearing up to witness the performances of their favorite athletes from around the world at the London Olympics 2012, the tech wizards are working together to make sure that more people can watch the games at a real-time and live instead of watching the recorded tape of the event hours later. Now that all of us know that NBC is the authorized broadcaster for the Olympics, the channel has decided that this year it will stream more footage of the event, but only those who will authenticate themselves as pay TV subscribers can view these footages. In order to authenticate yourself as a pay TV subscriber with access to both CNBC and MSNBC, all you need to do is log on to or download NBC’s mobile app, and start the authentication process, once the process is complete you will be asked to select your pay TV [+more]

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Grab the Pulse of Olympics 2012 with Mobile Apps


Keeping in mind the excitement of spectators, a number of mobile apps have been introduced. These are specially designed for the Olympics and will let the followers keep the track of the games. The London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games have released two apps: the 2012 Results App, and the 2012 Join In App. As the 2012 Results App will provide information like that of the latest scores, schedules and results; the 2012 Join In App is designed to inform people about events, celebrations and activities during the Games. In addition, another group of apps is designed keeping in mind the requirements of stay-at-home fans. This app will allow users to not only keep a track of the games but will also allow them to express their thoughts on the games. This has been reported by Scott Ellison, vice president of mobile and consumer platforms for technology research firm [+more]

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Prediction: iPhone 5 and iPad Mini to Hit the Shelves this September


Prepare yourself for an Apple September. The most anticipated gadgets of the year- the grand iPhone 5 and the much talked about iPad Mini are coming to woo you this September. KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed in a statement, “The shipment of iPhone and iPad Mini will start in August and they will hit the shelves by September.” Now the real question is what to expect from iPhone 5. The rumor mills are abuzz that iPhone 5 will have a large display (the guesses are it will be of 4.08 inch) and the width of the phone will not change much as compared to its current models. It has also been reported by Reuters that the iPhone 5 will sport a 19-pin mini port instead of a 30-pin connector dock. On the other hand, iPad Mini, which will be pitched against Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire is said [+more]

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