Velmenni Tests Li-fi- Harold Hass’ Technology To Become Reality Soon

Li-fi, the term, which was first heard four years back in a Ted Talk may soon replace the much used Wi-Fi technology. Discovered by Professor Harald Hass of the Edinburgh University the new technology claims to transfer data at a speed of 1Gbps, which is hundred times faster than the present Wi-Fi technology. Though it was initially considered to be just another big idea that will hardly come to fruition, the news of its testing by an Estonian startup company, Velmenni has raised the hope of its becoming a reality in the coming years.

Li-fi is tested at Velmenni

Chief Executive of Velmenni, Deepak Solanki confirmed the news of Li-fi testing to the Velmenni Tests Li-fi- Harold Hass' Technology To Become Reality SoonInternational Business Times and said that consumers can expect to use the technology in the coming three or four years. To test the new technology, the company used a light bulb enabled with li-fi technology and found it to offer a data transfer rate as high as 224 Gbps. As the technology uses light bulb, workers not only transferred their data at a lightning speed but also experienced a smart lighting solution.

Advantages and disadvantages

Apart from the high speed and the smart lighting solution, li-fi offers a host of other advantages as well. As it uses light technology and does not make any kind of interference with the radio signals, it can keep people connected in flights or other places where interference is a problem. The spectrum of light is 10,000 times higher than radio waves. Thus, it will not run out very soon. Yet, like everything, Li-fi too has some shortcomings. Though it does not interfere with radio signals, it intervenes with light signal and cannot be deployed at outdoors under sunlight. The technology also does not have the ability to travel through walls. However, the shortcomings are expected to be recovered once it is released for commercial use. … Read the rest

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New Year, New Sales But Same Old Problems

Flipkart Big Billion SaleJust as history repeats itself, the Flipkart and Snapdeal big sales have disappointed several online shoppers yet again. As soon as the sale started on Tuesday midnight, both Flipkart’s website and app struggled to cope with the huge traffic coming their way.

Irked customers took to Twitter to vent their feelings. While Shubham Luthra @Shubham_096 tweeted “The app is showing error after every search !!! Not showing the results !” (sic), Asad Khan @Asad96Khan tweeted, “How do you’ll expect us to shop when the app doesn’t open a single thing @Flipkart?”

Even when we tried to access the website, we got the message “503 service unavailable”. It is only after refreshing the page for quite a few times, it loaded fine.

It is to be noted that Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 2015 is app-only. Users can browse through the site but to avail discounts, it is mandatory to download the app.

Ricky @vohrarohit tweeted, “Big billion days are back on #Flipkart! Anything you click gets out of stock! Flipkart should stop this flop show.”

Some even taunted the owners Sachin and Binny Bansal by asking them to start writing an apology email again, just like last year.

Flipkart Big Billion Sale started just after Snapdeal’s big Monday sale that had some amazing deals and the latter seemed to have handled everything just fine with just a few raised eyebrows about certain offers. However, it is noticeable that Snapdeal does seem to have a lesser inventory for their sales.

Amazon is also holding the Great Indian Festive Sale during the same time period as Flipkart i.e. from 13th October to 17th October. With another couple of days remaining, it is now to be seen who will be able to deal the deals with élan.


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E-Commerce Industry Plans Big For Diwali

"Application for online shoppers" by DressformerWith the festive season round the corner, e-commerce giants have set out to offer a plethora of deals on an array of products. Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon have already launched their plans in one way or another.

The steepest discounts are being offered on furniture and fashion. Snapdeal offered the preview of its Diwali sale on Monday. It is the first e-commerce portal to tease a Diwali sale. Analysts suggest that most e-commerce websites are expecting a huge turnover from their sales this Diwali.

According to Financial Times, almost all the products will be on sale. It is predicted that  anything from 50% to 100% of the inventory will be available at a discount. The festive season is considered a profitable time for e-commerce portals. Snapdeal seems to be at the edge this season as it was the first one to announce the sale.

We asked a slew of people what they will buy this festive season and most of them are focusing on apparel and footwear. There are also group of people who wait all year around to buy furniture in the festive season. Pepperfry and FabFurnish have already started offering discounts and they have been asking customers not to wait for the Diwali sale. Instead, they can start shopping now to enjoy good deals.

It is expected that Amazon will have major discounts on gadgets. “I am really looking forward to buy a nice laptop this Diwali and hoping to buy to good discount,” says Manish Chahal.

“Clothes, Clothes and Clothes… Can’t wait for the Diwali Sale. Jabong and Myntra are my go to destinations during Diwali sale,” says Amina Khan.

With e-commerce industry offering such heavy discounts during the festive seasons, traditional shop owners suffer.

“Everyone wants to shop online these days. People just come here to see the product but buy it online as it comes at a cheaper price,” says shop owner Amar Singh.

The e-commerce industry is going to grow further and a host of solutions will be developed to offer more and more discounts every festive season. How long will they be able to sustain such massive discounts will decide the future of this trend.… Read the rest

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WinRAR Vulnerability Exposed; Could Hurt Many Windows Users

WinRAR, the conventional choice for compressing and archiving files is under threat! The news has baffled millions of Windows users across the world as the security vulnerability issue found with the application can affect a computer within a few seconds. Iranian researcher Mohammad Reza Espargham first spoke of this vulnerability on the forum for security information Full Disclosure. He said, “The vulnerability allows unauthorized remote attackers to execute system specific code to compromise a target system.”

WinRAR security vulnerability exposedAll WinRAR SFX files under threat

These reports of a security threat have also been confirmed by security firm MalwareBytes, which stated that the remote attacker is so powerful that it can affect any version of WinRAR SFX.

The reports also confirm that this vulnerability allows remote attackers to operate different malicious codes in the computer when the user tries to unzip an archived SFX file. In its reports, the security firm stated, “Basically, the attack uses the option to write HTML code in the text display window when creating a SFX archive.”

Noticing the vulnerability found in WinRAR files, its developer RAR Labs said that the “executable files are potentially dangerous by design”. Hence, it is always wise to run them only when it comes from genuine sources. It also said that the rule should not be followed for SFX files only but also for any .exe files.

While news that the malware can affect the system as well as network is alarming for users, there is something even worse. At present, there is no patch for this threat, which means anyone using the application can be affected with a single interaction.

As of now, users need to be extremely cautious while operating SFX archive files and avoid ones coming from unreliable sources. Yet, that does not assure the safety of the device as the malware is quite strong this time.

Windows users worry

The news of vulnerability issues is WinRAR files has not only raised eyebrows of experts but is also a cause of concern for laymen using computers. Delhi-based student Devansh Sharma, who uses a computer for his college projects said, “This is quite a threat for the computer as I often download WinRAR files from different sources just out of curiosity.”

Neel Agasti sounded the same way, “I have to download different WinRAR files for my work and some come from unknown sources as well. So, my computer is at risk.”

This worry is common among Windows users all over the world and we expect Microsoft to come up with a fix soon. … Read the rest

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Google Photos Update Makes Sharing Easier

Google Photos UpdateGoogle Photos has received a new update and it’s easy to get hooked to it this time. With the new update, Google has really pushed the envelope as it allows friends and family to add pictures to your albums.

This is the biggest update Google Photos has received in a long time. The new features allow you to share photos with friends and family in a jiffy. Lets take a detailed look at how one can share albums on this new platform. Once you click pictures and put them together in an album, you will be able to share it with others.

Friends and family with whom who have shared the album will have the option to follow album updates. When someone adds a picture to the album, members will receive a notification. More so, they can add pictures to the album as well. In this manner, the latest Google Photos works more like a digital photo book where you can interact with people through your photos. 

The new update also lets you label the name of the people. What I like here is that it lets you have your privacy. The labels can only be seen by the person adding the pictures.

You can now also broadcast images as Google Photos has been connected to Chromecast. All you need is a Wi-Fi network.

Google seems to be heading for a lot of new things. First the logo was changed and now this update. where you don’t need to attach and send photos anymore. One can simply share the album.


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Small Indian Boutiques Go Online

Sheetal Batra
Image Courtesy: Sheetal Batra

Small Indian boutiques are using social media to spread their message and access newer markets. Instagram and Facebook have turned into an easy and cost effective advertising tool helping local boutiques reach their target audience. Not only does it help owners to grow their business, it also opens a whole new world of fashion for girls in the inaccessible towns of India. On the other side of the spectrum, it allows NRIs to shop for Indian clothes conveniently.

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Selfies To Replace Passwords For Online Shopping
Selfies To Replace Passwords For Online Shopping

Most of the local boutiques are run by middle-aged women who have been in this business for a long time. They say Facebook and WhatsApp have really helped their business to grow.  Many of them also feel more empowered.

“Wow. I am getting some great responses from people around the world. They love my designs and a lot of my Indian wear range has been a sell out, “ says Meera Jain, who runs an Indian attire boutique in Jaipur.

On the other hand, 30-year-old Anju Mehra who recently separated from her husband, says she has just opened a boutique to support herself. Along with her kids, she is using Facebook to send invites for a new clothing line every week. “I am happy with the initial response,” she says.

Many niche boutiques have come online, including Abiza, Olvez and Zari. Technology has given a global face to these local boutiques and their Facebook pages are a testament to the popularity of social media shopping.

Delhi-based owner Sheetal Batra is also joining the online bandwagon. She says, “I think it’s the global way to shop so it’s a great opportunity for designers to increase their client base.”

Abiza co-owner Hina Hasnain Singh says, “Social media has been our main marketing tool and clients who have shared our page or worn our outfits put pictures on Facebook. That’s how word has gone around.”

Today, it’s also easy to find happy buyers buying dresses online. One is flooded with Facebook and WhatsApp messages promoting products during Diwali season. This really enhances sales at the boutiques.

Avid online buyer Charu Takkar talks about the future of these boutiques. “Online fashion is the future. But the local boutiques have to think more on the lines of deals. They generally depend on one-on-one interaction and many of us don’t have time for it. Better marketing gimmicks will surely help,” she says.… Read the rest

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Here’s What Rural India Thinks Of Nadella’s Offer

Computers in Rural India 1When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella met Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in USA, they discussed bringing 50,000 villages under the umbrella of technology. This is reportedly Modi government’s way to have more transparent governance.

“We will transform governance, making it more transparent, accountable, accessible and participative,” Modi told The Hindu.

He wants to turn the digital India movement into a mass movement, while ensuring that individuals’ privacy is not invaded. Our team went to some villages to understand what rural India thinks of this move. Here’s how they think technology will influence their lives:

“Our kids will have better education and will get access to the world happenings if internet comes to local schools,” said Sukram Pal of Shamli village in UP.

“I will order high quality seeds online and will grow better crops, “says one farmer.

There are some educated service class people who think that with everything going digital ,the corruption level may go down.

Here is what one responsible citizen (name not revealed on request) had to say about Modi’s digital India movement, “The babu culture in India will reduce. We no more have to give bribe to get our things done. I have recently learned how to pay income tax online and it was so easy.  With everything going digital everything will be easily accessible and even the siffarish culture and paper work will reduce.”

With public Wi-Fi hot spots planned soon across the Indian landscape, the country may soon advance in race to become a developed country. 

Meanwhile, TechThirsty continues to hail technology.


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iPhone 6s Hands On Review

iPhone 66 hands on reviewWe were at the Apple store in New York recently and got an opportunity to test the latest iPhone 6s. To start with, we wanted to check if bending issues that were seen with the iPhone 6 remain. Good news, the iPhone 6s does not bend. Instead, it looks stronger than the iPhone 6. For those who are clumsy with their phones, this one could be a better bet.

Apple offerings after the iPhone 3 have been a little fragile. Many users changed their handsets because they found the iPhone delicate. If you are not a fan of the thin bezel that accompanied the previous iPhones, be prepared for a surprise this time. The latest iPhone has a sturdy and secure built.

An interesting feature of the iPhone 6s is the new 3D touch, which makes multitasking faster and easier. It allows users to access everything with one tap from peek and pop. All this makes adjusting, enabling and disabling so simple. However, users will need to dedicate a few hours to understand this feature.

With so much on its side, the first batch of iPhone 6S will be a complete sell out.

We met a user Charles at the store, also is avid iPhone user. He bought the phone and the first thing he did was to take a picture. “This is why I buy iPhones. They give you the most beautiful pictures,” he said.

 … Read the rest

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All About TrueDialer’s New Update

163785-one-billion-apps-iphone_originalTruedialer, which allows users to find whether another person is available to take calls or not, has got a new update. For those who are avid users of Truecaller, the Truedialer is easy to get addicted to. Its only downside is that it works only in with numbers that have the same app installed. Recently, Truedialer got an update. We went out to find what people think about it.

“It is a great update. It tells me whether the person is available to call or not. I am happy with it,” says Sneha.

“What I like about it is that I no more have to change my availability status manually. It happens automatically,” says Nikhil Chopra.

With the new update, the status icon turns red when people are busy and green when they are free. The new update also syncs with calendars automatically.

“Just like WhatsApp, now I can even deactivate the availability feature if I like,” says Swati Malu.

Truedialer has really come a long way and created a niche for itself. The app supports dual sim because of which it appeals to masses. However, many people using Truedialer have also reported a rise in call drop rates.

It will need some more updates before it is a smooth sail for Truedialer.… Read the rest

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Why Instagram Took Over Twitter? People Talk

With 400 million active users monthly, Instagram is riding high on success leaving its immediate rival Twitter far behind. The recent development is going to boost advertising revenues to a great extend for Instagram.

instagram takes over twitterIn about nine months, the photo sharing website owned by Facebook has pulled in the latest 100 million users including celebrities like former athlete Caitlyn Jenner and soccer player David Beckham. It is worth mentioning that more than 50% of the newly-joined users are from outside of the USA. Most of them are from Europe and Asia with Japan, Brazil and Indonesia topping the list for having maximum number of users.

While Instagram users seem to be rising fast, Twitter seems to be struggling to draw in new users. Analysts are of the opinion that it is not Snapchat or Instagram, which are pulling down people’s interest on Twitter but the business model of the company itself.

Enders Analysis head of digital media Ian Maude told CNBC recently, “I think the concerns over Twitter are more general, i.e. it’s not about Instagram, it’s about while its growth has stalled, other social media, other instant messaging and communications services and tools continue to grow and it’s being outgrown and outpaced and I think that is the worry.” 

One big reason for the success of Instagram is that it is used over the phone. This allows more people to use it on a regular basis. The app is a lot more user friendly when compared to Twitter. Plus, there’s no need to think of witty lines. Images do speak louder than words.

Back home, we spoke to some people and asked them which one they preferred. They had some really interesting things to say.

Software professional Arunima Bhattacharya said, “Because Instagram is more about pictures….we humans are narcissists after all.” Simply put, the younger generation wants to share their happy moments with friends all the time. Instagram is a faster and easier way to do that.

A student Chandan Lohia said, “Both have their own utility. When it comes to sharing updates, Twitter handles it better but instant image sharing is handled by Instagram better…. !!!”

Which is the one you prefer more and why? We are waiting to hear what you think. Leave us your comments below.… Read the rest

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