Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soar

With Windows 10 all set to arrive soon, expectations are already soaring. The new Windows 10 Set to Arrive; Expectations Soaroperating system from Microsoft will be an exciting mix of the old and new as it will have the elegance of Windows 7 and the best of Windows 8.

Windows 10: a new beginning

Microsoft always knew that Windows 8 had not gone well with users, hence the urge to come up with Windows 10. This version of Windows is being promoted by Microsoft as a unique innovation in recent times and technology enthusiasts are looking forward for the launch.

Start menu

The Start menu has been put forward in the front and on left side of Microsoft user interface. As this start menu opens, it splits into two columns, the traditional list and the app styled icons.

The size and shape of start menu can also be manipulated by the user. Additionally, command prompting has also gets quite easier with Windows 10. Previously, the function was performed after opening context menu and hitting paste, in Windows 10, the same function can be performed by using Ctrl+V.


Multi desktop is another unique innovative feature that Windows 10 will have. This is one of the most eagerly awaited features of Windows 10 as task view allows users to access multiple desktop screens. This feature will be of worth where multiple apps are in use.

Mini screens as these are known will crop up on bottom of interface.

Virtual desktop

Virtual desktop feature has been added to Windows 10. With this feature at hand, users can switch between many desktops. Windows 10 can also change modes in case when no keyboard is attached. Improved snap feature is another unique innovation in Windows 10. Windows can be tiled horizontally and vertically.

Windows 10 will be an innovation in the real sense and has created a buzz among technology enthusiasts who are eagerly awaiting the launch.… Read the rest

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Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Planning to buy an Android-based tablet in the coming days? Two leading names in tablets are Lenovo and Samsung. While both of them have their own following, are two of the top brands which have a large following among technology lovers.00-Lenovo-IdeaPad-YOGA

Lets take a look at Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. These two are easily comparable because of two similarities–both tablets have a screen size of 7-inch. They also run on the Google Android. Clearly, both tablets stand in close proximity. So, what sets them apart?


While both Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 and Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 are Android based, the former uses the Android 4.0, while the Samsung tablet runs on Android 4.1, 4. 0.3.

Dimensions of the tablets are roughly the same with Lenovo A2107 measuring 7.68 x 4.92 x 0.47 inches and Samsung Galaxy Tab at 7.63 x 4.82 x 0.41 inches.

However, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is a bit lighter than Lenovo IdeaTab A2107 as it weighs 344 grams compared to the Lenovo IdeaTab A2107, which is 400 grams.


Both tablets have a resolution of 1024 x 600 with a pixel density of 170 ppi. The screen to body ration in Lenovo A2107 is 56.56% as compared to 58.12% in the Samsung tablet. Lenovo A2107 has a light sensor while you can expect a light and a proximity sensor in Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.


Both the tablets have a 3 megapixel camera and a 0.3 megapixels VGA front facing camera. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a smile detector, exposure compensation, geo tagging and panorama scenes features which you do not find in the Lenovo A2107.


Nothing much has been revealed about the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy tablet but Lenovo A2017 comes with a stand by time of 499 hours, which makes its unique and innovative.

Both the tablets are notification and sensor enabled and have voice command and voice recording facilities.… Read the rest

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Windows 10 Release Date, Expected Specs

Windows 7 and 8.1 users, as well as Windows Phone 8.1 customers.

If you have been waiting for the launch of the Microsoft Windows 10, the wait could well be soon over. While Microsoft has been saying that they will launch the latest operating system ‘later this year’, they have recently announced that Windows 10 should launch sometime during the summer.

Windows 10 will be available as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8.1 users, along with Windows Phone 8.1 customers. 

Microsoft had also announced that Microsoft 10 upgrade will also be available to ‘non-genuine’ or pirated copies of the software. However, the company later clarified to Ars Technica that the copies will remain illegitimate.


Windows 10- All you wish to know!Meanwhile, here’s what we know about the Microsoft Windows 10 expected specifications.

For those who wish to experience the magic of Windows 10, the technical preview for the same is available for laptop and desktop. Microsoft Windows 10 expected specifications include a Cortana search bar with some updated apps. It will be support all the apps that are currently being offered through Windows Store.

Old time users of Windows can expect some relief because Windows 10 will have the traditional start button which has been missing from the recent variants. Interestingly, the layout is expected to be similar to Windows 7. Window users were missing the start button and most of them did not find Windows 8 to be of their liking due to this restriction.

Apps and enhanced search button are some of the new additives in Windows 10 that are likely to impress average users. In addition, the presence of Continuum will ensure that Windows 10 interface adapts to multiple devices and situations. This will vary if you are using a desktop, tablet or a hybrid PC.

Windows 10 will also come with the additional facility of management of security updates, which has been another Windows users. The expected quadrant layout that enables users to manage up to four apps at any given time would add to the appeal of Windows 10.

Release Date

Windows 10 release date remains unknown but it expected to release by the summer of 2015. The software is under aggressive development and according to sources at Microsoft. Analysts earlier suggested April as the tentative release date but the wait looks a bit longer.… Read the rest

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The Phoenix Rises: 20,000 Nokia N1 Tablets Sold in 4 Minutes

Nokia N1 Tablet soldNokia rose to the pinnacle in early 1990’s with their mobile phones selling like hot cake. The advent of smartphone virtually swept them out of the market as Apple and Samsung took over the scenario. However, Nokia seems to be making a comeback with the Nokia N1 tablet.

An indication of this is the success story of Nokia N1 tablets. Reports suggest that Nokia could be able to script a beautiful story as it sold 20,000 N1 units in 4 minutes and two seconds of launch, which is a record of sorts.

Making a formidable comeback

Nokia N1 was sold in China for $257 a unit, moments after the sale opened up for those eagerly waiting for the tablet. Adding proof to the popularity of Nokia’s first tablet is the fact that about 566,438 people are still in line for purchasing this tablet.

Innovative Features

The tablet features 7.9 inch, 2048×1536 pixels IPS LED backlit display. At the same time, it is safe to handle as it is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The tablet has ample storage space with 32GB of internal storage capacity. Additionally, it runs on Google’s latest Android 5.0 Lollipop Operating system. The tablet is lightweight as it weighs 318 gram.

If you are among those for whom photography is a passion, the N1 tablet can prove to be your perfect bet. The tablet has a 8 megapixel rear autofocus camera along with a 5 megapixel fixed focus camera. N1 tablet comes with a 5300 mAh battery which gives it a unique battery life.

The tablet will be available in Natural Aluminium and Lava Grey Colour. However, if you are a Nokia fan and wish to buy N1 tablet, you might have to wait longer as currently the tablet is only available in China.… Read the rest

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CES 2015: Tech Gadgets That Truly Fascinated Us

The much awaited Consumer Electronic Show 2015 is over but it has left us wagging our tongues even today. Held at Las Vegas, the show was a complete delight for Appliances to watch out in CES 2015technology enthusiasts from the world over as they gathered to get a look at some regular launches and some interesting releases.

Here are what we think are some of the key appliances and categories seen at CES 2015:

Cheap Televisions

Time has come when you should be saying goodbye to your standard 1080 pixel television. CES 2015 saw the latest technology in televisions as one saw 4K as well as 5k televisions that will change the way we have seen television. Apart from that, there was the release of 3D screens. All of this gives a truly interesting visual experience to the viewer. For the layman, a 4K television refers to images that stretch 4000 pixel wide and give you an incredible resolution.

Connected Home Technology

Ces 2015 interesting gadgetsMany interesting things were launched for home. While most of them were concepts, it got homemakers smiling for how easy life could get very, very soon. Apart from launching a wide range of smart cloud products, Haier has launched the Air Rubik, which is a modular product meant to provide many functions simultaneously–humidification, purification, freshening, and dehumidifying. LG also made an interesting launch-a washing machine that can be controlled with a mobile app.

Energy Management Appliances

CES 2015 saw a special range of energy management appliances such as refrigerators and thermostats designed to help you intelligently manage energy and give maximum output with minimum endeavor.

Wearable Health Gadgets

Health has become a priority for people today and there are many apps and gadgets to help us do that. This time round too, there were some interesting launches in this line at CES 2015 such as the Fitlinxx Ampstrip glue-on heart-rate monitor that can be placed on the ribs to constant monitoring. There was also a Gymwatch that came from Germany. It works as a self coach that helps in self training.… Read the rest

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CES 2015: 4K, 5K And Curved Displays Unveiled By HP

hp 4k screen launched ces2015With high resolution displays becoming the norm of the day, HP has come up some of these at CES 2015. The company seems to be on the expansion mode and has come up with two 4K models and the first of 5 K model in the series.

HP is also launching its extra wide curved display, though users might be disappointed a bit as it does not reach 4K resolution immediately. Most of these displays to be launched by HP would be priced at under $1000.

A unique fact about the two 4K models that HP is coming up is the similarity in their designs expect for their size. Z24s and Z27s are 23.8 and 27 inch in display and have an aspect ratio of 16:9 with a 4 K resolution to follow.

This brings out the pixel density to be 185ppi for the Z24s model and 163 ppi for the Z27s model. Each of these models has 4 USB 3.0 ports and has a mixture of HDMI along with mini display port and other inputs.

Z24s has been priced at $549 and will be available from April while Z27s is likely to be priced at $749 and will be available from last quarter of January. Talking of the 5K display, the Z27q will be a 27 inch, 16:9, 5K display which is likely to have a 218 ppi pixel density. The 5K display just like the 4K will have 4 USB 3.0 ports and would be available from March 2015 for $1,299.

 … Read the rest

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CES 2015: Can We Expect To See The First VAIO Android Smartphone?

VAIO Corporation is likely to be release its first smartphone at CES 2015 being held in Las Vegas. This new launch from is likely to be powered by Android. Since this is going to be their maiden entry into the market, there is a lot one is expecting from the first VAIO Android smartphone.

If reports are to be believed, they company hopes to make this smartphone more acceptable for the young, tech savvy generation. Therefore, the VAIO smartphone is meant to provide easy access to email, phone and incoming and outgoing video calls.

VAIO android smartphoneThe device is likely to be available in the mid budget range and will be limited exclusively for the market in Japan in the initial days.

It is noteworthy here that after Sony’s withdrawal from VAIO, the same is now an independent company. The PC business managed by VAIO had shut down to a partial level after Sony withdrew from VAIO. The launch of this smartphone by VAIO is being seen as a bid to make its presence felt in the competitive smartphone market.

Nothing much has been revealed about the upcoming launch of the smartphone by VAIO except for the fact that it is likely to have a 5-inch screen. However, since Sony and VAIO are currently not in a business partnership, it would be anyone’s guess if the new smartphone will be inspired by the Xperia series of smartphones launched earlier by Sony.

Technology experts are unsure of creative instincts that VAIO could put in the new device, but given the fact that this would be its maiden entry in the smartphone market, some innovation is expected.… Read the rest

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Microsoft Lumia 1330/1335 Leaks Suggest LTE Windows Phone

Microsoft’s Lumia 1330/1335 is all set to debut soon and there have been some very interesting leaks. New facts have been released aboutBlazing fast LTE to Windows Phone to be brought by Lumia 1330/1335 the technical superiority of the phone in recent days. One of the latest leaks to hit the tech market is news that this might be the first Windows device to have LTE Advanced connectivity.

LTE Advanced can also be considered to be the 4G in the real sense because this network is capable of delivering data in the range of 3 Gbps for downloads and 1.5 Gbps for uploads. Images of the device have been leaked, which show the device sporting a blue color with fresh Microsoft branding at the back.

Although the design looks similar to the Nokia Lumia range of phones, it is much bigger than the former. The Lumia 1330/1335 has a giant 5.7 inch screen and comes with a 1280×720 pixel OLED display. Users can expect the smartphone to have a Qualcomm Snapdragon along with 1 GB RAM.

Microsoft Lumia 1330/1335 will not disappoint the creative lot as the smartphone has a 14.1 MP primary sensor with Zeiss optics. You can also expect it to come with an LED flash along with a 5MP front facing camera for the selfie crazy generation.

While the company has not unveiled the launch date for Microsoft Lumia 1330/1335, given the buzz it has generated in the technology market, Lumia lovers should be able to enjoy this phone.… Read the rest

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CES 2015 Preview: Nvidia, HP to Make Smart Launches

CES 2015 PreviewA CES 2015 preview suggests a slate of new launches and announcements as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is set to commence. Most of them seem like exciting introductions to the technology industry. Let’s take a look at the preliminary displays done at CES 2015, which very well implicate the flavor of the events that we can expect to unfold:

  1. HP’s 4K, 5K curved TVs: Yes, HP is making new inroads in the entertainment sector with the introduction of its first 5K television. Along with that, two new models of the 4K television have also been launched. All of these are priced under $1000.
  2. Nvidia’s Tegra X1 superchip for the mobile: We can expect to see high quality gaming on mobile phones very soon if the Tegra X1 graphics card launched at CES proves to be as powerful as Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang suggests.
  3. Don’t expect Samsung to launch any new mobiles just yet. They reserve it for the later part of the year. Instead, we can expect to see some interesting new TVs and home appliances from the Korean manufacturer.

Read What Happened at CES 2014 here.

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Google Wants HTTP Sites To Declare Themselves Safe

HTTP (Hypertext transfer protocol) is generally considered useful while navigating the web and the assumption is true to a certain extent. But it’s equally true that this is an insecure system prone to intrusion by hackers and other notorious elements.Gigabit-Internet service in Austin priced for $70 per month by Google

To tackle this problem, Google has decided to come up with a radical solution. It is asking all HTTP websites to declare themselves unsafe so that developers use the secure and encrypted HTTPS.

By promoting this endeavor, Google wishes to showcase to web users in general that HTTP is not a safe way to browse the internet. Google’s proposal, if implemented, will bring a radical change in the way the internet is used. Three site classifications: a) Secure or fully functional HTTPS systems; b) Dubious or functional HTTPS with authentication errors; and c) Non-secure or standard HTTP and HTTPS with outdated protocols will be the order of the day.

However, it does not mean that Chrome will disallow users from accessing such sites but will indicate that sensitive information should not be transmitted here due to third party intrusion being a real probability.

If adopted in the real sense, this proposal of Google could bring a drastic change in way the internet is being used currently. Details of this project have been posted on The Chromium Projects website for internet users to check the viability of the proposal.

Also Read: What Is Main Ideology Behind Google’s Push For HTTPSRead the rest

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