Google Nexus 10 2 VS Surface Pro 2: The Better Anti-Apple Tablet

During the start of the year, there were sporadic news reporting hinting at the second generation Nexus 10 release.During the start of the year, there were sporadic news reporting hinting at the second generation Nexus 10 release.

However, since then, rumors have only grown strong citing the release of the 10-inch tablet. The release was officially confirmed towards the end of October. The new model’s listing appeared temporarily in Google Play.

The Google Nexus 10 2 is a 10-inch tablet and quite obvious to state, it directly competes with the Microsoft Surface Pro. It is also interesting to see how both the devices fare against each other. The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 boasts of a faintly bigger screen. However, the Nexus 10 2 flaunts a higher resolution screen. Both the tablets have identical storage space. But the Surface Pro 2 wins in this category it features ability for extending the available storage space by using a USB drive.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 and the Google Nexus 10 2 are vying virtually for the same target audiences. Thus, it is quite obvious that price could be a detrimental factor for a prospective buyer who remains undecided regarding which 10-inch tablet should he/she opts for. There are no official confirmations regarding the Nexus 10 2 pricing. However, rumors state that it would be priced similarly like the outgoing model that would be around 399 dollars for 16 GB model while the 32 GB model would come at a price of 499 dollars.

Apart from the pricing, there are several other things one needs to well consider. The operating system is one of these. Though Android tablets enjoy immense popularly, not everyone is comfortable using them. However, the Surface Pro 2 runs on Windows 8.1 RT OS. This OS offers a restricted range of useful apps as compared to standard Windows OS. What works in Surface Pro 2’s favor is that it has a desktop like feel.


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