Top 10 Leading Ladies Shaping Innovation

With tech industry calling for veracity and diversity, women have taken the lead and are successfully carrying out some of the most influential roles around the world. Here are the top 10 women leaders who are making their mark in technology and driving technical innovations.

  1. Jessica Naziri, TechSesh

A technology … Read the rest

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Internet Saathi Joins Tata Trusts To Help Rural Indian Women Find Employment Via Internet

In rural India, there is lack of digital access due high level of digital illiteracy. Google led digital initiative called Internet Saathi has expanded after partnering with Tata Trusts. The partnership was dubbed Internet Saathi 2.0 during a recent event held at New Delhi, India. The aim is to support … Read the rest

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Blogging is not a cake walk: Anupama Dalmia

Being an independent journalist I don’t like people addressing me as a BLOGGER for the passionate interviews-based work I do.

On the other hand she is the one who not only takes pride in being called a BLOGGER, but also basks in the glory of the number of awards she … Read the rest

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