7 Stylish Headphones for Women

Let’s face it – most headphones are engineered for men! We aren’t being sexist here, but this is a fact. From their fit to the size to the look, a majority of headphones are designed to fit on men’s’ heads.

However, in the last few years, there’s been arevolutionary rise in production ofstylish headphones and earphones designed especially for women who are concerned about the artistry of the design and sound.

Here are 7 headphones designed for women exclusively:

 1. Yurbuds Inspire (starting from $39.99)

Yurbuds are a perfect option for the earbuds of female athletes. The headphones come with smaller buds that can fit the average female ear.Each set of earphones offers comfort with a seamless fit and unmatchable music experience.

254777_30543_XL 2. Sol Republic Headphones ($99.99)


Portable enough to be tossed in your purse or gym bag, Sol Republic headphones have become the top choice of women these days.

These durable headphones havean indestructible headband that comes in eight shades. Manufacturers also offer the color choice for the detachable cables including red, black, white, purple, blue, grey, pink and orange. The headphones are interchangeable, comfortable and lightweight. The “Sound Engines” are optimized for clear sound definition, vocals and deep bass.

TT 1

3. X-1 Momentum Sport In-Ear Bud ($29.99)

These headsets have been designed based on the motto -“Pink it and shrink it.”The method of “shrinking” applies well to the X-1; however the gender stereotype colorway has been put to end, which is a welcome change. Their bright teal and white braided cord is fashionable as well as functional. Plus, these are sweat proof to be used during workouts.


 4. Molami Twine ($200)

Twine is a silk-satin headpiece inspired by comfortable headbands and offers a unique listening experience to the listener. The speaker bands are adjustable and can be moved up and down. The open-sound design enhances different tones in music.

7795c8baaf295554096e5292092f94a85. Urbanears Plattan ( Price $59.99)

These amazing earphones are gaining widespread popularity because of their adaptability. The smaller design is its plus point that makes it customizable to fit to a woman’s cranium. It comes with a structuredesigned to fit to the ears. In addition, you get a spectrum of bright colors to choose from. Also, the quality material used in its design makes them worth the investment.


6. Denon Excercise Freak Headphones (Price 149.99)

Engineered for active women, exercise freak headphones by Denon are extremely comfortable and stay up securely on the ears. Denon established slight differences between men and women after taking molds of 4,000 pairs of ears. These Bluetooth sports headphones aresweat-proof and comes with four pairs of anti-microbial ear tips to offer maximum hygiene.


7. SkullCandy Fix In-Ear Headphones ($69.95)

SkullCandylaunches its amazing set of Fix In-Ear Headphones for women. The headphones are a perfect in fit to the ear’s natural curves. Designed in lightweight injected plastic, these headphones offer long-lasting comfort foractive women.



Simply plug-in to your ears and enjoy the rhythm. Why should boys have all the fun?









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16-Year Old Girl’s App Meant to Fight High School Bullies


Imagine you’re at your school cafeteria and looking for a place to have your lunch. You don’t want to sit alone but you are a little shy of sitting with your peer. A girl your age faced the same problem and decided to do something about it.

She set up SitWithUs app. This new app makes finding friends in the school easy. This credit goes to a 16-year old girl, Natalie Hampton from California.She’s an 11th grader from Sherman Oaks.Natalie says that bullying and loneliness can literally kill a person, especially a student and she herself has been through this all. She also reveals her nightmarish experience of bullying when she was in the 7th grade. Her experience of loneliness and eating alone is what inspired her to create this app. While she is now attending a different school and is flourishing socially, the memory of being bullied and sitting alone still haunts her.

What’s the App About? 

“SitWithUs” is an app that helps those students who find it difficult to get friendly with people. It is for students who have difficulty finding a place to sit at break time. This amazing app helps them locate a welcoming group in their cafeteria.

The app allows students to register themselves as “ambassadors,” thus inviting others to join them. Further, they can post “open lunch” events as an indication for anyone seeking company. It is an invitation for lonely students to join the ambassadors’ table.

According to Hampton, the app is necessary because it prevents students from being publicly discarded by their peers.

Speaking on its privacy standards, Hampton says, “This way it’s very private. It’s through the phone. No one else has to know. And you know that you’re not going to be rejected once you get to the table.”

The 16-year old school girl asks her fellow students to be brave and take a stand againstbullying. The app has already become popular and is getting positive feedback from her schoolmates. “People are already posting open lunches at my school,” she says. “So I’m very excited that things are already kicking off with a great start”.

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I recently wrote a column about the potential extinction of print newspapers and the recent news offering of Apple, Facebook and Google seems to be making my case stronger. Soon, news consumption will happen more on mobiles than any other platform and all big tech giants seem to be making the most of it.

AppleApple News is already here and the iPhone maker has tied up with major news providers across the world to provide news for smartphone users. Big media channels including Vogue, New York Times and Vanity Fair are also on the Apple News platform.

“Apple News is a brilliant way to read news. You can access news of your interest and can read it whenever you want. I like reading news on my phone in the morning time and no more subscribe to print newspapers,” says Ameesha Seth.

Google is also set to offer a new news app. It has tied with Twitter to develop an app to deliver news content. According to various reports, users will be able to load news on their phone in microseconds with the new Google app.

Facebook also wishes to find its feet in the news space. It has launched Instant Articles and promises to deliver news faster than any other digital outlet. It has also tied up with various media organizations.

With Apple, Google and Facebook already trying to make the most of digital news phenomenon, soon the news will be consumed on digital channels, as it is a faster and easier way to read news.

 “I am addicted to Flipboard. That is my go to news destination,” says Manan Sharma.

News is all about timeliness and with the expansion of digital media, it has found a new home.

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What’s Cooking With The FlipKart Nearby App?

flikpart nearby appE-commerce giant Flipkart has dabbled in the online grocery industry with the Flipkart Nearby app. To start with, the app has been launched in a few areas in Bengaluru. The app enables you to order beverages, eggs, milk and other groceries online. It also provides healthcare products.

Flipkart Nearby has some tough competition from established players in the market such as Big Basket, Grofers and Pepper Tap. Some customers are loyal to these apps. To break their loyalty, Flipkart has to offer exceptional services and products.

“Nope. It is Big Basket,” said media professional Malvika Gupta when we asked her  whether she would like to order from the Flipkart app. Talking about the logistics and product quality of Big Basket she added, “Very good actually. If we have an issue with the product they have a nice customer care service and it is immediately exchanged or returned.” (sic)

The Flipkart Nearby app will benefit because Flipkart is an established name in terms of online delivery and customer trust. However, what customers really want are good products and reliable logistics.

For now, if you are living in Koramangala, HSR Layout, BTM Layout, Ejipura, Jayanagar, JP Nagar or Bellandur areas of Bengaluru, you can start using the Flipkart Nearby app.… Read the rest

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We Are More Addicted To News Online Than Ever

By Gurpreet Tathgur

woman reading on tabletIt dawned on me today. When I wake up in the morning these days, I don’t have the urge to read a newspaper. Increasingly, I tell myself that there is no time to flip through pages and read detailed editorial pages. Is this shortage of time or just addiction to digital media?

What I actually wake up to every morning are WhatsApp messages, Facebook statuses or trending headlines on popular digital news sites. The digital media has really seeped into our daily lives and I wonder will the newspaper become extinct in future?

According to a research by The Future Exploration Network, print newspapers would be extinct in USA by 2017. The research also shows that by 2040 no one will be reading newspapers around the globe. The ACI has reported that the top reason the  predicted death of print newspapers is easy access to mobile devices.

I spoke to some people to find out what they think about newspapers being extinct. Will they miss the morning headline in the beautiful black ink?

“Oh! Their extinct is near. In my society hardly anyone has subscribed a newspaper. I myself get the morning dose of news on my phone,” says a 30-year-banker Sunil Yadav. A group of company executives says they don’t have to take a look at the headlines. At the same time, medical practitioner Charu Mishra says, “Whatever is trending comes on the Twitter feed”.

However, there is a group of people who think the real pleasure of reading the news is via print medium. “My morning ritual is incomplete without the newspaper and tea,” says Dr. Viren. But he does say that there are times I do check what is trending on Yahoo.

Even my mother says that her Sunday is well spent only when she rummages through every page of the Sunday supplement.

However, we cannot ignore that the number of newspaper readers are declining and according to research conducted by McKinsey & Co. that was commissioned by The New York Times, digital media is the flavor of the future.… Read the rest

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How Far Will You Go For A Selfie?

The selfie culture may have taken the world by storm, but for some people it has proved more of a bane than a boon. The recent death of an engineering student, Prakash in Tamil Nadu is a glaring example. The guy was apparently trying to take a selfie while standing at a cliffedge when he fell and succumbed to serious head injury.

  selfieAnd this is not the only example. There have been several cases in the past when people have died while trying to take that perfect selfie. The Week has reported that in 2015 so far, 12 people died while taking a selfie. The major reason of deaths has been sloppy falls and collision with vehicles.

Earlier this month a Japanese tourist died as he tried to click a selfie at the Taj Mahal. He reportedly fell off the stairs. The Independent has previously reported a case where a woman died in a collision just few minutes after she posted her selfie while listening to Pharrel William on her stereo. There have been cases where people have died due to accidental gun shot or have got electrocuted while trying to climb bridges.

I have observed since the selfie fad has set in, people love taking selfies in middle of the traffic or in front of a historical building. They will also share selfies instantly on social media. And it is not only the common people who have jumped on the bandwagon of selfie culture, most of the celebrities share their selfies while doing yoga or having a coffee. Some even take photos while standing in front of the mirror in a bathroom.

“I love taking selfies. I want to fit in the crowd and all my friends take selfies and why shouldn’t I. More so it is a matter of self-love, “says 18 –year-old Rashmi

“Dude, then how will I tell people what I am upto. I generally take selfies all the time, while sleeping, cycling, bathing … you know it is like my lifeline, “ says another teenager (name not revealed on request).

On the contrary the parents feel that their children are so engrossed in this virtual world that they rarely get time to talk to them or to even go out for games in the evening.

“There were times when spent out evening reading books or playing hopscotch but these days, kids and youngsters are generally busy taking selfie, browsing on internet and chatting up. Even I have evolved with time just to become a part of my children’s life, “ says Sunita, a mother of two.

Everything has its pro and cons. But it seems in today’s times everyone wants to become a part of technological evolution. What we really need is precaution and a bit of alertness.… Read the rest

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Technology Turning Into A Mom’s Best Friend


Shilpi Gupta Blog
A selfie with the kids

Mom of two, Shilpi Gupta talks to us about how she used technology and made it a part of her life from pregnancy and child birth to bringing up her toddlers. Most connected women these days use technology as a means to know more about the precious nine months.

Technology has become a part of everyday lives. This is especially true for pregnancy and childbirth when the internet acts as a friend, guide, and to some extent a doctor.

These thoughts took centerstage during my pregnancy days. If it was not for niche apps along with the plethora of information available on the Internet, I may not have sailed through those joyous yet testing times.

Apps like Pregnancy Tracker, My Pregnancy Today and What to Expect gave me daily tips on what to eat, what to do, what not to do. They opened me up to all stages of pregnancy at every step of the way. They suggest our daily exercise routine, foods to eat and everything about and how the body will change in months to come.

Advice on common pregnancy issues are easy to locate with these apps. Household cures provided for problems of morning sickness, swelling in the feet or how to prevent acidity. Interestingly, most of the apps are reliable and share relevant information. They help users to take wise decisions for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

As women get busy with their lives and have little time to seek help, technology comes as a rescue. After I gave birth to my little one, my partner and me were anxious as to how we will raise him. There was immense curiosity about breastfeeding, vaccination and health of the baby. Again, I took shelter under a series of apps which helped me set reminders and provided useful tips.

I joined groups like breastfeeding support and babywearing on Facebook. This gave me a chance to speak to other expectant mothers. Shopping also becomes easy with the online shopping options available. Now that my little baby boy has grown up, I shop for all his needs from clothes and games to school paraphernalia from e-commerce websites.

Everything is simply a click away and the world has become a digital oyster.

(As told to Sonam Malik)Read the rest

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#Ihateumom Upsets Viewers; Replace With #Iloveumom

YouTube Grab

India woke up to an overdose of a teaser ad on television today. The ad has young girls complaining with the hashtag #ihateumom. For most Indians, their mothers are their biggest support system. Evidently, this ad has not gone down everyone’s guts too well.

No one knows for sure what this ad is about. Is it meant to promote a fairness cream because it mostly has teenage girls in sour mood? Or a social ad for the girl child? Either ways, it has left Indian viewers perturbed. From the looks of it, this ad could be one of the biggest disasters in social media marketing.  

The #ihateumom is already popular on Twitter and other social media with people scathing the ad. Here are some things people are saying about the ad:

Alekhya Das ‏@iAlekhyaDas  3h3 hours ago

This better not be a pimple or acne or fairness product. #IHateUMom #IHateThisAdAlready @_ihateumom


nipun jindal ‏@drnipunjindal  3h3 hours ago

Came across #ihateumom teaser on tv. Whatever product/brand they want to market, its a really sick strategy. #loveumom


Alekhya Das 3 hours ago

This better not be a pimple or acne or fairness product. #IHateThisAdAlready


Ram Mohan 37 minutes ago

One can not say #ihateumom, it should be #iloveumom Pimple can be treated, nothing to worried about.


Surbhi Sharma 16 hours ago


What do you think of this ad? Is it good social media strategy?… Read the rest

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Marketers Turn To Tech Trends With A ‘Selfie Spoon’

Selfie Spoon stickAs everyone around us soaks into the selfie fever, it has become the latest mode of marketing. Selfie lovers can now start their day with a selfie over breakfast with the new ‘Selfie Spoon’. Launched by a cereal brand, the selfie stick is 30 inches long.

This fun gadget is available at www.selfiespoon.com. It has a spoon on one end and a Bluetooth slot for your phone on the other. Users can click selfies while eating breakfast with this selfie stick. The selfie stick has a gray button for use with Android phones and another one for iOS devices. This selfie spoon is available for free but the shipping charges have to be paid for.

We’re truly interested in knowing how this will turn out. How will you wash the spoon? How will you eat with something that has such a long handle?

One of the most interesting selfie trends in India recently was the ‘Selfie With Daughter’ that was launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to make having daughters a matter of pride. 

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The Travel Paraphernalia: Gadgets You Will Need On Your Next Travel

All set for another vacation? Wait before you seal your luggage. Every vacation need a double scoop of tech gadgets… travelling without them is a sin. Here we bring to you must have travel accessories

Apple MacbookApple Macbook: The latest Apple offering which comes in 12-inch size is as portable as Macbook Air. It comes packed with Core M processor and runs both on OS X Yosemite and Windows. It is a half inch thick and weighs only two pounds. This Apple eye candy is a must have… Bag it for $1,299.

Nothing is a bigger dampener than losing your luggage on a holiday. Dot Luggage Tracker is an ultimate travel accessory, which would track your luggage as soon you descend from your flight. Get this for 13 USD on top of a 50 USD sign up.

Surface 3: The new Microsoft Surface comes with a magnetic keyboard.  It can be easily converted from  a tablet to a portable laptop. The gadget packs some nifty features and can be easily used while take off and landing. Pick it up for $499.

Apple Watch: Don’t want to miss time-sensitve emails and messages… then Apple watch is your true travel companion. You can set appointments and reply to text messages. This starts from $349.

Polaroid Camera: The latest polaroid inkless camera will make for a great travelling experience. Click the pictures on the go and share with friends on social media.… Read the rest

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