iPhone 5s vs Samsung Galaxy S5 – The War of Two Tribes

The tussle between Samsung and Apple is ongoing. After the launch of iPhone 5s, two years back, Samsung also introduced its impeccable S5 model in 2014 to give tough competition to Apple. However, with these strong contenders in the market of smartphones, it’s is very difficult even for an expert … Read the rest

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Samsung Galaxy S6 or Nokia Lumia 920- Which Is A Good Buy?

There is no denying on Samsung’s stronghold in this competitive smartphone market. Yet, Nokia is gradually making a mark in this business and some of the Lumia models have enjoyed exceptional demand in the market. Loaded with attractive features and useful specifications, it is often very difficult to make a … Read the rest

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Microsoft Lumia 640 vs Lumia 535—Fans Await Windows 10 Update On The Former

The battle ground for budget smartphones is packed with warriors– Microsoft Lumia 535 and Lumia 640 precisely. Besides the OS and similar plasticy build with rounded corners, there is a lot of contrasts that define the two handsets from Microsoft.


Microsoft Lumia 640 A Better Bet Than Lumia 535The Lumia 640 is one of the best picks for … Read the rest

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Google Photos VS Flickr—The Photo-Storage Troves Weighed Against All Pros And Cons

Photo sharing and tagging are popular habits—new but still they will die hard. Thanks to the slew of photo-sharing/upload sites, photo-storage is not a deal except that you might be confused over choosing Flickr instead of Google Photos or vice-versa.

Google Photos VS FlickrGoogle Photos and Flickr offer hordes of benefits—great tools for … Read the rest

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